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20 Miler.

It’s officially taper time!!! Yep, that means the 20 mile run was a success…a success as in, I finished it! That’s all I wanted to do was finish. I set out for my run Saturday afternoon and came back almost 4 hours later, so it was quite a day. Here were my stats:

  • Time: 3:47:16
  • Pace: 11:22 min/sec
  • Distance: 20.01 miles
  • Calories: 1,703

I think it’s crazy that the Eugene Marathon took me less time to finish than this 20 miler. I honestly couldn’t run that pace even if I wanted to.

I’m happy with this time though. Like I said, I just wanted to feel okay and finish and I did, so all is well. I felt pretty good for the most part. 20 miles is a long time so pregnant or not, I always hit those rough patches which are usually mental. This time it happened around mile 8. I play this game with myself where I concentrate on getting to halfway-so only 10 miles. It works pretty well but those last few miles before halfway seem like they take forever. Kinda like the last few miles of the entire race. Once I hit halfway though, then I tell myself, “okay, just go home now,” AKA run 10 more miles :). It helps break up the time.

What I didn’t do was wear sunscreen which was a huge mistake. My face, arms, hands, chest, lips, even ears are in SO much pain. Check out the sweet burn lines from my ipod:


I went running at 12:30 so basically ran throughout the warmest part of the day. I also forgot that we’re at really high elevation so that much closer to the sun..oops.

I am definitely feeling it especially in my face and lips…I learned my lesson!

After the run I made some dinner which was quinoa pasta, peppers, chicken sausage, spinach, and feta. So good! Have you ever tried quinoa pasta? It’s pretty good!


Overall, it was a great weekend! I got my longest run done and my husband and I started setting up gardening beds. He also smoked us some cheese which was delicious.

Luckily I burned about 1700 calories running so I didn’t feel so bad stuffing my face with cheese :).


How was your weekend? 


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