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Grocery Budget Update

I think I need to restart my grocery budget. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately but I have a serious problem with impulse buys. I think part of it is since I’m pregnant, I buy things and have the mindset of, “oh it’s okay…I’m preggo..I’m supposed to gain some weight…” That is not good! Especially when those impulse buys are things like…S’mores Poptarts? So random…and so delicious.

First of all, I don’t know if you’ve ever had S’mores Poptarts…but they’re seriously so good. I’d really like to blame this on “cravings” but honestly, I think pregnancy is just an excuse to give in to the sweet tooth. Why would I crave poptarts? The box does say it has 8 vitamins and minerals…maybe that’s why :).


Anyway, back to my grocery budget. The Poptarts were definitely not the only item that sent me over my limit.

I was supposed to spend $64 bucks and ended up spending close to $90. WAY off!

Poptarts weren’t the only impulse buy. For example, I bought a thing of cheese (that is SO good by the way) that was $5.49…way too much! I didn’t even need cheese…but for some reason it was sucking me in.


You may also notice I bought some VitaTop muffins. I love those darn things…but they are pricey (5 bucks a box). I think if I’m going to buy things like that, I need to buy online in bigger orders. They’re just too much in the stores for those little packages.

I bought a lot of produce this trip which is always worth the money. So, I don’t know..maybe I need to reevaluate my budget since we do primarily eat at home. I’ve still been focusing on 1 trip a week to the store-before I’d go a couple times a week. I think that helps a bit. I’ve also been staying away from Costco because most items I don’t need in bulk (except pickles…pickles I need in bulk).

So from this last trip I noticed two things: a.) I stray from my grocery list and b.) I buy some overly expensive items that I probably don’t need or could find cheaper online.

Even though I went over my spending limit, I like doing these budget challenges for myself because they make me more away of my spending habits. Luckily there are no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods around here to lead me astray! Oh and the closest Target is 40 minutes away…


How do you stop yourself from impulse buys at the store? Or Target? 🙂


9 comments to Grocery Budget Update

  • haha so funyn, i just posted about target this weekend! went there to look for sports bras and came out with a bunch of new outfits and cosmetics. uggggh haha
    i too am trying to get ym grocery budget under control. Sadly i am not making quick progress, but every week i do a little better!

  • Those poptarts were calling your name!! I had to ban myself from stepping foot inside Target. That was the ONLY way to stop the madness. And you inspired me to try the “once a week” grocery trip and really plan out the ingredients and combinations for meals. Last week I spent $90… (my budget is $100/week)… and things are going well. I think I will make it to Saturday when I finally get to go again! 🙂

  • I’m trying to cut down on shopping myself! I’m spending way to much, so I’m trying to make it an every other week thing. So far so good, but I’m running low on fruits and meats. So Saturday I’ll be grocery shopping!

  • A word of advice: stay away from Whole Foods!

  • I always spend way too much money at target. I try to only go in there once every 2 to 3 weeks. That helps a bit. NO whole foods here either so I am safe from that store.good thing!

  • Katie

    i totally think you are entitled to poptarts and whatever else your heart desires. i just wish you were close enough to share your poptarts with me!

  • Lol! I wanted pop tarts while preggo…strawberry though. Yeah, keeping to the budget can be tough, but worth it. Some months might be less than others. Just adjust as needed

  • Katie

    Target always leads to unplanned purchases! But I am with you on the grocery budget. I have been trying to get it to go down but most months I struggle just to stay within the budget. I use coupons (but not crazy-like – just my store card and I upload some to it). I cook all week and only go out to eat once a week. But groceries are just so freaking expensive!!

    • i know they really are!! i feel like i dont indulge that much at the store and i still come out spending way too much..soo i trying to figure out the best strategy! i should use coupons more often!

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