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Healthy Brownie “Batter”

A couple weeks ago I came across a recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog…well, I come across a recipe on her blog like, everyday but this one in particular really caught my eye.  I’ve made a couple of her recipes before and they’ve always turned out really great. I love how she creatively uses healthy ingredients like beans (in this case, garbanzo beans) in sweet recipes that otherwise, may not be so healthy.

Her pictures are just so awesome too. There’s no way you could tell me her stuff does not look good. Anyway, the recipe I wanted to try this time was for dark chocolate brownie dip or “brownie batter.”

I’ve tried sweet chickpea recipes before: maple hummus, pumpkin pie hummus, and chocolate chip cookie “dough.”

Maple hummus is so good!

Pumpkin pie hummus worked really well too!

Healthy cookie dough.

Honestly, all those recipes turned out great! Chickpeas have such a mild, nutty  flavor which makes them easy to sneak into sweet dishes.

I used Katie’s recipe pretty much spot on. The only changes I made were I added about 3 Tbsp of milk (I used nonfat but I think you can use whatever you’d like) and added 3 Tbsp of maple syrup. I found my batter was looking pretty dry and was hard to mix up in the food processor. I thought I could get away with very little sweetener (a little Splenda-that’s it) but it definitely tasted better after adding some maple syrup. 🙂

I think the combo of chickpeas and nut butter definitely makes it hard to blend…so head’s up! Maybe I was just being impatient and needed to blend it longer…

Anyway, all I did was throw the ingredients in my food processor and pulsed it until it was smooth and creamy-like brownie batter!

The result was pretty tasty. I’d say it was like a mix between brownie batter and pudding…?

I felt like it was missing something still…so I added some dark chocolate chips on top!

Mmmm perfect!!

I love this dessert idea because the nut butter and chickpeas make it pretty filling so I only really eat a couple of bites. It does have some sugar in it-maple syrup, chocolate chips…but overall, it’s really not too bad. You can always use less syrup or none at all. Maybe try agave nectar? Obviously, you can also omit the chocolate chips…but why would you do such a thing?  🙂

Thanks Katie for another creative, delicious recipe! I look forward to trying many, many more. Who knows, spinach ice cream next…?


Do you ever sneak healthy ingredients into sweet treats? Any good tricks of the trade?


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