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Healthy Chocolate Fudge (or pudding)

I swear this will be the last post of the week inspired by Stuft Mama. I just love her recipe ideas: easy, healthy, and quick…what’s not to love? After checking her site out I promptly had a new list of recipes to try out which, of course, were all dessert replacements :).

Since I had just received a jar of PB2 from Amazon, I was in luck with the first recipe: 3 ingredient fudge. All I needed for this recipe was 2 Tbsp. of PB2 (I’m sure regular peanut butter would work too), a half of a banana, and 2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder.

So, I tried this recipe twice. The first time I used my little blender (she used a bullet) and it worked okay, but since there was no liquid, it didn’t blend too well. It kinda just stuck together and become a big blog. I think her bullet was smaller which may have helped. I have a smaller version somewhere but I have no clue where to even start looking.

I also decided to try out the pudding first. The difference is, the “pudding” is refrigerated and the “fudge” is frozen.

It still turned out really tasty (very chocolatey mmm), but the blender was kind of annoying. I ate some of it as is then spread the rest in between 2 wheat waffles.

I approve of this as pudding….now onto the “fudge.”

This time, instead of using the blender, I mashed everything together. I think in general the lack of liquid makes this recipe a tiny bit difficult to mix, but it’s really not that bad. The banana and PB just get a little sticky.

I mashed it up good then stuck it in the freezer for just a couple hours so it was on the verge of being completely frozen but I could still stick a spoon in it.

It was the perfect consistency!

I had it for dessert the other night. It was really good and so easy (and healthy!).  Such a great idea!! I love how bananas are being used so often in desserts and baked goods in order to keep them healthy. For example, “ice cream“; what a great idea and it tastes amazing.


Anyway, the Boston Marathon is less than 6 weeks away…I can’t believe it!! I’m a little nervous to be completely honest. My training has been going alright but this last week I ran 12 miles and my right knee started to kill me…which scared me to death. So I haven’t ran the past few days, I’ve been icing, and foam rolling like crazy so hopefully it was just sore? I went to yoga last night and may go again today just to get some good stretching done.

This week my long run is 18 miles which sounds very intimidating. I’m so close to the longest run of 20 miles; only 2 more weeks then tapering time! I honestly think training is the hardest part of these races. Training takes a lot of time, energy, discipline, and focus..not to mention burns your body out. I CANNOT wait for the race, but I’m ready for training to be over. I think I say that every time and every time it ends up being totally worth it :).


Are you a runner? What’s your favorite distance? 

Ever use bananas in baked goods or desserts to keep them healthy?



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