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Local Food Expo

The hubs and I went to a local food expo last night in a nearby town. I didn’t really know what to expect…if it was primarily for distributors, restaurants, whoever…all I knew as it was free and advertised in the paper so I assumed regular old folks like us could go too.

It was neat! It was almost like a farmer’s market except with less goods for sale…so maybe farmer’s markets are better? 🙂 It was still fun though!

I definitely get the impression that this area is very focused on local foods and products. I got that impression even before this expo; you can tell in the small coffee shops and stores nearby. I’m really excited for summer around here because I know there will be farmer’s markets and other fun festivities going on that really promote community awareness. Oh, and the weather should be awesome (it’s supposed to be 70 here on Saturday…YES!!).

Some vendors at the expo did have samples which I am always a big fan of! There were lots of cheeses, smoked fish (none for me), honey, meats, greens, even locally made kombucha.

This kombucha is actually made here in Eagle. I really wanted to try some (I’ve seen it for sale in a local coffee shop) but since kombucha is raw (and I’m knocked up), I decided against it. My husband hates kombucha so he wouldn’t try it either. I actually like it…it definitely has a distinctive taste though.

Homemade apple sauce!

This applesauce was really good! It was actually just apples..that’s it!

I really wanted to buy some but I only had a $100 bill (yea, I’m rollin’ in the dough). They couldn’t break it..I guess it was a 6 dollar jar :).

This goat cheese was awesome. I didn’t think I could eat it at first but she told me it was pasteurized so then of course, I stuffed my face.  I love fresh cheese. I love any cheese actually..fresh or not.

Dairy provider!

There’s the goat herself. Such a pretty gal!


The expo also had some talks on different things like growing tomatoes at high altitude, canning, food labels, etc. It was really cool, I’m glad we went.

I am SO ready for summer now. That expo officially got me pumped up to garden and maybe buy some chickens? I’ve wanted chickens for so long and we could actually pull it off here. My husband wants goats too. We might have to upgrade to a bigger place for goats though. Apparently we want to be farmer’s? Sounds kinda cool actually. 🙂


Do you garden? What’s your favorite produce to grow? Any chicken owners out there?


2 comments to Local Food Expo

  • I am so excited to garden. Last year was my first vegetable garden and I have the garden all prepped waiting for this year. I can’t wait!! Not sure what I am going to grow, but I do know I will have Italian peppers, tomatoes, basil and acorn squash. I had beans last year but they were a pain in the butt, I hated picking them, to many. My Husband wants cucumbers, so that will be something else I grow. I may extend the garden out this year but I have to remove a big bush, blah!! Now I’m all excited and it’s suppose to get cold and rain here again!

  • How fun! I love going to stuff like that. And who doesn’t love REAL applesauce?

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