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Peanut Butter Goodies

If you’re a frequent blog reader, you’ve probably noticed a lot of blogs have giveaways. Some giveaway food items, some kitchen products, some even workout gear. Obviously the best giveaways are foods :). I read quite a few blogs, therefore enter into a number of giveaways but never win…it’s really sad :(.

I finally won one though! It was a good one too :). I won 2 types of peanut butter, 1 jar of marshmallow fluff (I’ve never tried marshmallow fluff), a Peanut Butter and Co. recipe book, and several samples of other peanut and hazelnut butters.

I won these goodies from the lovely Jennifer at Peanut Butter and Peppers.

You may remember last year that I received a huge package from Peanut Butter and Co. with each type of peanut butter they sell. That was a good day. Unfortunately, I went through each jar in a matter of weeks. If you’ve never tried their peanut butter…try it…it is amazing. My personal favorites are Dark Chocolate DreamsCinnamon Raisin Swirl (actually has raisins in it…YUM), and Mighty Maple. That being said, all the other flavors (White Chocolate Dreams-which I just received and have almost killed half the jar, the Bees Knees, and other’s) are pretty much equally as amazing, I’m just trying to narrow my list down if possible.

So, Jennifer sent me White Chocolate Dreams, Marshmallow Fluff, and her very own homemade maple cinnamon peanut butter which honestly, is equally as good as PB&Co. I had some this morning on my waffles!

The other day when I picked up the package, I tried a Fluffernutter….anyone ever tried this? I’ve never even heard of it until now. It’s a sandwich with marshmallow fluff and peanut butter..ridiculous.


Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? I think we would get along well.

Last year when I received my what I thought was an endless supply of PB, I tried making peanut butter black bean brownies.  I’ve never made anything sweet using beans before so I was a little skeptical, but they were SO good.

black bean brownies

I just reminded myself I need to make these again. Maybe I’ll try some of Jennifer’s maple cinnamon PB this time?

Here are a couple other items I’d love to make involving good ol’ peanut butter:


Heather’s peanut butter protein balls!! She uses chickpeas in these balls so they’re high in protein and fiber. Chickpeas actually work really well in sweeter foods I love it!


Another recipe of Heather’s! These would be great for my sweet tooth: chocolate covered peanut butter balls! They’re homemade and relatively healthy so they would definitely satisfy those sweet cravings.


Peanut butter protein bars from Jess at Blonde Ponytail. Oh and they’re no bake! Definitely trying these.


Those are just a couple peanut butter-centric recipes I’d love to try. Thank you Jennifer for sending me all these peanut butter goodies!! 🙂


What’s your favorite recipe using peanut butter?

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