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Random Wednesday

Honestly, I have nothing to blog about today. Usually, I have a plan the day or even days before I blog, but today kinda slipped through the cracks.

I recently started working everyday-as in, a real job that pays in money- which is great! It’s definitely a relief to get more money coming in now. It’s always a weird feeling for me when I don’t have a job but continue to spend money. My husband doesn’t make me feel bad, I just kinda feel bad. Anyway, I basically started working for the same company he works for doing a form of customer service. So, my days have been a little different these past couple of weeks.

Between that, running, and pregnancy, I’ve been super tired. After my work day is over, all I want to do is nap…and most days I do. So, it’s been kinda tough fitting in new recipes, workouts, etc. but I’ll adjust to the schedule. Once the marathon is over I’ll have more time too.

Speaking of marathon, it’s less than 3 weeks away!! I ran 5 miles yesterday but walked most of it. I decided after that that I’m going to take the rest of this week off running. My knee has been killing me and even though I’m sure the damage is done, I hope taking some time off will help. So, I’m skipping a 4 mile, 5 mile, and 12 mile run this week. I’m hoping since I’ve made it this far in training (did the 20 miles) that my fitness level is where it should be. Hopefully, a couple days off won’t hurt…? I’m so excited for the race and don’t want a bum knee stopping me. If anything’s stopping me-it’s baby!

Another thing that’s recently come up is my 10 year high school reunion!! Although it won’t be for a couple more months, I’m one of the lucky few that’s supposed to plan it (didn’t think about that when I ran for Student Government senior year…). It’ll be tons of fun but starting to plan that will also be on the agenda these next few months.

So, there’s kind of a lot going on right now. Between baby, reunions, marathon, trips, and work…I’m definitely not bored!

The most exciting thing about the next month is finding out the baby’s sex! We should be able to find out in 3 weeks or so. I am so excited! I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow…I can’t believe I’m almost halfway there. I feel like I should be bigger? Then again I’ve never gone through this before so who knows. I can’t wait :). I’m thinkin’ it’s a boy…

Oh, by the way, I also recently jumped on the bandwagon and started reading The Hunger Games.

It’s pretty good so far. I guess I should have expected that since the entire world is obsessed with it. It’s definitely entertaining and an easy, short read. But now, of course, I need to read the others…


If you’re a blogger, when do you plan out your blog posts? 

Have you read The Hunger Games?



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