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Roasted Peppers and 15 Weeks

I bought a huge bag of peppers from Costco the other day and last night was thinking I’d better use them or they’ll soon be trash. Since going to the Local Food Expo the other day, I haven’t been able to keep roasted red peppers out of my mind; they’re so good! I never really thought about making them myself though…until last night. Turns out, they’re super easy to make!

I used red, yellow, and orange peppers. All I did was set my oven to 500 degrees and cook the peppers for about 30 minutes, making sure to turn them a couple times. Once the peppers looked nice and wrinkly (and a little charred), I took them out.

Yea, they were definitely charred.

*I forgot to mention I covered the peppers with foil for about 30 minutes to let them cool down, then I skinned them.* Now comes the hardest part (which really isn’t hard): skinning the peppers and removing the stems and seeds.

These smelled amazing by the way.

I didn’t realize that you skin the peppers after roasting them, so in case you’re like me, yes, you literally peel the skin off. The skin gets kinda tough (not to mention it’s charred) so it’s not easy to eat anyway. Once I took the stem and seeds out, I just ripped the skin off with my fingers, then cut the peppers up into quarters. I drizzled a little olive oil and salt on top.

I served the peppers up with a sweet potato and chicken fingers (recipe from Julie). By the way, I added coconut oil and cinnamon to my sweet potato and it was awesome!


Now onto some preggo news: I’m officially 4 months pregnant! We’re a little behind on picture taking so the most recent pic I have is 15 weeks.

I saw this super cute idea on Little Baby Garvin’s blog and think it’s a fun way to keep people up to date on how things are going. Don’t worry, I won’t inundate you on a daily basis with pregnancy stuff…I’ll try to keep it to once a week :).

How far along? 16 weeks now
Total weight gain: 3 pounds at last doctor’s appointment…probably a bit more now.
Maternity clothes? Not really. I bought a belly band and I use that with jeans because it’s way more comfortable now. I did buy a couple maternity shirts at Target but haven’t worn them yet…just gettin’ prepared!
Stretch marks? None yet!
Sleep: Been fine so far…in fact, I could sleep more!
Best moment this week: Noticing (or think I’m noticing) my belly getting bigger. By the end of the day I think it looks huge! Probably too much peanut butter…
Miss Anything? I do miss coffee…I love that smell every morning. I guess technically I can have some but I’m over the hump of addiction now so there’s no turning back!! I also kinda miss booze. Not a ton…but I noticed it the other day when we were at a wedding. Would have liked a glass of vino, but I settled for Shirley Temples. 🙂
Movement: Not yet…any day now!
Food cravings: This is such a stereotype but pickles! I love that saltiness it’s so good!! I may have drank some pickle juice from the jar the other night…
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. Sometimes the smell of broccoli does.
Gender: Don’t know yet but I think it’s a boy!
Labor Signs: No..thank God.
Symptoms: Nothing bad. I do get really tired still…I’m waiting for that burst of energy you’re supposed to get in your second trimester. I’ve also noticed I’m pretty moody. I cry really easily. Not just cry…bawl my eyes out.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy…and moody. A confusing combo for my husband :).
Looking forward to: Finding out the sex! We still probably have about a month but I can’t wait!! Our next Doctor’s appointment is in 2 weeks so hopefully we can hear the heartbeat again then too!
It’s Friday yay! This weekend I’m attempting my 20 miler so wish me luck. Have a great weekend all!!

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