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20 Weeks

Okay, so I kinda skipped weeks 18 and 19. Don’t worry nothing life changing happened (actually a lot of life changing happened…I just don’t know about most of it currently going on in my belly!). Baby-wise, the last few weeks have felt great! The baby is kicking more and I love that my husband can feel it.  I always feel bad that I feel him or her all the time but he doesn’t so when he gets a good solid kick, it makes me happy :). The other day he actually had his cheek on my belly and the baby kicked cool!

So overall, I feel fine. I think I have been getting Braxton Hicks contractions which are totally normal, just kind of interesting. I guess it’s just your uterus contracting or practicing for the real thing? They happen every now and then and it’s just this tightening in your stomach for like, 30 seconds, then it goes away. Not painful or anything…just weird.

I’ve also been taking Iron supplements because my iron levels have dropped a bit. Hopefully these will help give me more energy…we’ll see!

So, now that I’ve accidentally skipped a couple weeks of pics, here’s our actual picture for this week:



How far along? 20 weeks…halfway done!

Total weight gain: 9 pounds. Although after Boston, maybe more like 15? haha hopefully not.

Maternity clothes? Not a lot. Been using my belly band quite a bit because my pants won’t button. I did buy a pair of maternity jeans but they’re huge and weird so haven’t worn them much yet.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Been pretty good.

Best moment this week: I’m sure from now on, the best moments of the week will be feeling the baby kick. I love that!

Miss Anything? Not really. In Boston I missed having wine at dinner but it was okay. My parents and hubs also had plenty of oysters which I could not participate in..sad.

Movement: YEP! Baby gives us plenty of kicks and nudges throughout the day now. Yesterday I took a yoga class and he was kickin’ like crazy!

Food cravings: Not that weird?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Gender: Hopefully that little poo will cooperate on Monday so we can find out! I still think boy….

Labor Signs: Nope. Braxton Hicks contractions…but no labor signs.

Symptoms: I noticed in Boston when I was walking and standing a lot, my low back started to hurt. I’m blaming that on pregnancy.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Feeling more kicks from our little nugget. I also cannot wait to find out what we’re having!

Exercise: I’m going to start easing up on the running. Not necessarily because of the pregnancy but because of my knee. I think it deserves a break. I’d love to start doing more yoga and strength training. I went to yoga last night and it felt great (even though I’m terrible).


So, this week was another good one! Boston didn’t work out, which still bums me out, but I really look forward to our ultrasound Monday. It’s going to be incredible just to see how much he or she has grown!


Any fun weekend plans?

10 comments to 20 Weeks

  • You are so cute! I love that little bump! Can’t believe you are already half-way there! It’s FINALLY going to be HOT in SF and I can’t wait to get some sun!

  • You know what’s crazy — for my 34 week pics he was the size of a cantaloupe too — must not be the same type of Cantalope! Looking great as always.

    And these past 4-5 weeks i’ve definitely had a lot more low back pain too. The chiropractor helped so much, but also the icing she’s forcing me to do once or twice a day is major relief.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Hooray for Braxtons!

    • haha that is funny..i find that different sights say different things…this is prob a small cantaloupe bc i dont seem that big…if i get more back pain ill have to ice!

  • You look fantastic and your baby bump is cute!

  • Awww, such a cute nugget bump! You look fabulous and so happy!!! Fingers crossed that the baby cooperates on Monday! With all 3 kids, I drank orange juice and had a small piece of candy before the ultra sound and all 3 gave the tech a full peep show and we were able to find out all 3 times 😉

  • I am so happy that your pregnancy is going so well! Thank you for sharing updates. I will pray that MOnday goes well and you will get to find out the information you are looking for. I know how excited I was for each of my 3 “please tell me if I am having a boy or girl” appointment”. I know some people don’t want to know, but for me it just took me to the next level of excitment of my pregnancy and being a mommy!!
    I hope you enjoy Yoga! I was never able to slow down enough to do yoga while I was pregnant, even though I know it would have been good for me.
    And strength training is great!! Keeps you strong and ready for what comes later.
    Take care!

  • You are so cute! I’m so glad you left a comment on my blog so I found yours. Love reading belly updates, so don’t skip anymore 🙂

  • You look great. Continue with your exercises and keep taking your iron supplements. Hope you are continuing to do well and thanks for updating.

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