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Boston Marathon: T-4 Days

4 days away folks! 4 days!! I can’t believe it’s here. I have to say, I’m super nervous. I didn’t think I would be but I totally am. I’m nervous for so many reasons I don’t even know where to start…

Well, I guess first I could start with the fact that I’m almost 5 months pregnant (19 weeks today!). I had a mini-freak out on the phone last night with my husband. I noticed I’ve been having those a lot more often these days (hormones perhaps?). I took a Zumba class last night since I’m not running this week. It was fun…I felt like a genuine idiot but I shook my bum nonetheless. After the class though, I started to panic that I wouldn’t feel the baby kicking anymore for some reason. Like, Zumba class was the worst thing I could have done and would ruin everything…? That makes no sense…but I still couldn’t help but feel that way.

Now that the baby is kicking, I am so much more aware of him or her. That being said, I’m basically terrified that I won’t feel her anymore. I know that’s ridiculous and I shouldn’t even think like that but I can’t help it.  Even though for a brief period after Zumba I didn’t feel the baby, sure enough, I felt plenty of kicks last night and this morning. That is the biggest relief ever (even though I know I’m being crazy…still a relief!).

So, that’s #1: nervous for Boston because there’s a baby on board. At this moment, today, right now, I am totally fine with walking the race as much as I want. I do take comfort in knowing that there will be plenty of water and gatorade and if I need to or want to, I can stop. I don’t have to finish. If I do, that’s great, if not, maybe another year. This little nugget in my belly is the most important thing to me right now.

Anyway, reason #2 is my knee. It’s a little sore today after Zumba. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea? I’ve been icing it every day this week and will stay off of it the next few days. I would be really disappointed if I had to drop out of the race because of my stupid knee. Like really? I’m 5 months pregnant..but I can’t do this because of my knee…boo!!  Hopefully it’ll stick with me for a couple more hours of torture on Monday then it’s free to give me hell.

Reason #3– It’s freakin’ Boston!! It’s gonna be hard!! This reason is more of nervousness mixed with excitement. It would be different if I was trying to qualify again or beat my personal record, but since I’m not, I just plan on enjoying the weekend. I’m even excited for the Fitness Expo! I can’t wait to feel the energy of the spectators and other runner’s and just the energy coming from such a lively city. It’s going to be pretty amazing.

That basically sums up the majority of my feelings towards Boston. Even though I’m nervous as hell, I am super excited. My parents are flying in too so I can’t wait to see them. It’ll be fun just to explore the city a bit in the few days before the marathon. So far, the weather looks pretty decent (although thunder storms are now predicted for Monday…nooo!!!) so it should be fun.

See me in the back? Ha!

I’ll keep you guys posted over the weekend with some pics from around town and the expo. Obviously, Monday I’ll update you too!! 🙂 It’s kinda crazy we load up at like, 6am but I don’t even start (my corral) until around 10. Plenty of time to get to know the porta-potties. By the way, I’ve never used a porta-potty during a race before…somehow I think that’ll change this time around…:)

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