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Cupcake Wars

This weekend was pretty good: great weather, lots of sleep, and cupcakes. This coming Saturday, I’m having a baby shower for one of my best friends in Phoenix. Since me and my other two friends who are putting it on love to eat, we thought we’d make some homemade goodies for the shower instead of buying them at the store. So, yesterday I decided to try out two cupcake recipes and narrow it down to one winner for the shower.

Since it’s just my husband and I here, I cut both recipes in half so we’d only end up with 12 cupcakes total-not 24. Twelve is plenty!! ย The issue with having lots of cupcakes around is I’ll be the one who eats them all. My husband has good self control…I, on the other hand, do not.

Anyway, I found two awesome looking recipes on one for Red Velvet cupcakes and one for Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting.

I am not particularly obsessed with red velvet cupcakes. I feel like those are always people’s favorites and I’m not sure why. The only reason I can think of is they have cream cheese frosting….that, in my opinion, is the best!! Way better than buttercream if you ask me. I could eat cream cheese frosting (or just cream cheese) all day long…yum.

Anyway, so I whipped up both cupcakes and they were both fairly simple. I won’t bore you with pictures, except for the picture of the dark chocolate that went into the chocolate cupcake…wow.

That’s a mixture of a dark chocolate bar, cocoa powder, and butter. Seriously. Amazing.

So 6 red velvet’s and 6 dark chocolates. There was only one thing to do: have my husband try them both and pick a winner.

Okay, so the cupcakes don’t look that pretty in the next photo but that’s because I refrigerated the frosting and didn’t give them much time to get to room temperature. So don’t judge them!! Especially the peanut butter frosting…I take the blame for its’ looks.

First, he tried the dark chocolate.

Next up was red velvet.

Seriously I’m drooling over that cream cheese frosting right now.

Immediately, he claimed red velvet the winner. Obviously, I had to try them both too…at least, two or three times :).

In defense of the dark chocolate, I think I slightly overcooked them so they were a little dry. The cold frosting didn’t help much either. Since it’s mostly peanut butter, I think it gets even stickier than other frostings (when it’s cold). That being said, it tasted pretty amazing. It did have a great flavor.

I think for a party though, I’m going to stick with what’s safe: red velvet. Everyone seems to like them and they’re fairly easy so the chances of me messing them up are slim (hopefully).

So basically, both cupcakes were awesome, but there can only be one winner: red velvet!


What’s your favorite dessert?


By the way, we haven’t had our ultrasound yet…it’s later today in case you were wondering :). I am SO excited!!

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