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Cupcakes for Two

This is quite possibly the most exciting recipe I’ve ever tried. There’s nothing particularly unique about the actual recipe…but the serving size it yields is perfection.

I’ve been searching around online lately for cupcake recipes for a baby shower (no, not my own). Not only that, but I’ve also been craving cupcakes like an insane person. I’d really like to blame pregnancy for that…but I’m pretty sure that’s just me. Just me liking cupcakes..they’re delicious!! Yesterday, after what was probably hours of cupcake porn online, I either had to make cupcakes or at least pick up those Lofthouse sugar cookies from the grocery store. Either one would have hit the spot.

The problem (the 1 out of many) was that my husband is out of town. That means I would have made 12 cupcakes or bought cookies and most likely ate them all by myself. The marathon’s Monday…time to carbo load?

I don’t know if I would have been able to live with myself if I did that so I was seeking out alternatives. Lucky me, I found this cupcake recipe for two on Why did I not think of this before? Just cutting a recipe down? Probably because it sounds too hard.

Lucky me, I had all the ingredients on hand and whipped these babies up in no time!

Since this only makes 2 cupcakes, you only need 1 bowl too. So, the cleanup was super easy.

Once everything was mixed together, I divided the batter between 2 cupcake liners. Since I happen to have chocolate chips on hand, I dumped a few into one cupcake because…why not?

I set the oven at 350 degrees and baked the cupcakes for about 15 minutes (or until my toothpick came out clean).

This was seriously what I was craving so badly yesterday. I can’t say it enough: I love this recipe. I am so excited about it!

Another reason I love this recipe is because it is for very basic, vanilla cupcakes. Since that’s the case, I think it would be pretty easy to play with it. You could probably add some cocoa, jam, pb….anything really!

I obviously had to attack the chocolate chip cupcake first. But not without adding some whipped cream..

I kinda wanna make more today….I need help.

The second cupcake I didn’t even add whipped cream to, I just devoured it as is. Perfect.

One more time: I love this recipe. I am so excited about it! Check out Jessica’s blog for the actual recipe and have fun with it!  I know I will :).


Are you a cupcake fan? What’s your favorite kind?

I don’t think I have a favorite kind of cupcake. I do know I love cream cheese frosting-that’s the best!! If you have any great recipes let me know-I still need one for the baby shower haha.

9 comments to Cupcakes for Two

  • This is GENIUS. I’ve literally never thought to just make myself ONE cupcake. Seriously, amazing idea, I’m doing this tonight! I’m always craving a cupcake (daily) but always feel like its such a big undertaking to make 12!

  • Amazing. Half the reason I don’t bake more is because I don’t want a dozen of things roaming around.
    I love classic vanilla with buttercream frosting. Carrot cake always wins with me. And I had an amazing strawberry lavender cupcake this weekend.

  • I know what you mean about cupcake cravings! Last week I made cake for one on Averie Cooks. My HUsband loved it and I made it in the microwave in 90 seconds flat. Yum!

  • Vanessa G

    I love cupcakes! My kitchen is cupcake themed. My favorite would be a strawberry with homemade cream cheese icing, or chocolate with homemade peanut butter icing! Yummy!!

  • The cupcakes look great. I am not the biggest fan of cupcakes(doesn’t mean I won’t eat them if they are around) but I LOVE cookies I need to work on cutting down a recipe to make one cookie. I can’t have a whole batch of those laying around.

  • I’m 21 weeks pregnant and totally curving cupcakes!!!! Making this ASAP 🙂

  • Heather

    These are perfect for a baby shower, they’re petit fours from an amazing book called Hello Cupcake. Bake 25 mini vanilla cupcakes in white paper liners. Then put 1/4 cup of vanilla frosting aside in a ziplock bag, and put the rest of the frosting into 5 different microwaveable bowls. Add a little blue, purple, green, yellow, and pink food coloring to each and then microwave each and stir them so it’s a different consistency. Then you just dip the cupcakes into the bowls and pipe really simple designs on them with the 1/4 cup vanilla frosting when they’re cool. The picture shows designs with 5 dots in a line, one squiggle in the middle, three short horizontal lines in the middle, a single dot, and four perpendicular short lines. They’re the easiest and yummiest cupcakes ever.

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