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It’s A….



So, my boy prediction was way off…oops! Our ultrasound was pretty amazing (like usual). I swear I wish I had one of those machines at home so I could watch her all the time….they’re probably only like, 50,000 bucks…Mother’s Day gift? 🙂

She was kicking around like crazy. At one point she even threw her legs up over her head…very ladylike…just like her mother :). We also caught her in a yawn which was awesome! We could see her tongue moving around…so weird.

Anyway, we’re both happy. I’m still adjusting to the fact it’s a girl since I was totally convinced it was a boy (for no reason at all?). Obviously, I could care less what we have as long as he or she is healthy. They take about a bazillion measurements during the ultrasound which can kind of induce stress…it just seems like there are so many things that could potentially go wrong!! But I keep reminding myself that most pregnancy’s are totally normal and fine…so no worries!

Anyway, we’re havin’ a little lady come September! I can’t wait to see her pretty face :).

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