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Phoenix Baby Shower

Back from Phoenix! Sorry I kind of left you guys hanging last week. Me and two other friends were planning this baby shower and I suddenly felt like I had a lot to do for it! Isn’t funny no matter how much you prep, the day of the party is always crazy! There’s always last minute things that just take time. That’s okay all gets done and if it doesn’t, I’m pretty sure no one notices :).

It was a great weekend and baby shower. I’m pretty sure my friend had a wonderful time which is all that matters. I honestly didn’t take any pictures! I was way too distracted with shower set up and all that good stuff. Luckily my mom snapped a few..none of the food though..sad! That was the best part đŸ™‚ (just kidding….kinda).

Here are some pics from the weekend:

The decorations turned out really cute! We hung onesies and other baby clothes on clothes lines around the house and pinned pictures of mommy and daddy as babies too. We also got some pom poms from Etsy and hung some inside and some outside-those were SO cute…I wish I had a better picture! They were kind of a pain in the butt but really cute so probably worth it.

We didn’t do a ton of game stuff but we did have guests decorate baby blocks. Those turned out super cute as well. We bought wooden blocks then cut up pretty papers to fit the sides of the blocks so all the guests had to do was glue paper on and add stickers if they wanted.

The other game we played was “Never Say Cute.” So, we handed out a string with a clothes like pin attached to it to everyone when they walked in. Throughout the party, if anyone said “cute” someone could call you out and steal your pin. This was obviously especially hard when opening gifts…like near impossible. Put 30 women in a group together looking at baby girl clothes and no one can NOT say cute. So, it was fun…simple and fun.

Of course, she got SO much cute stuff. Girls are so easy to shop for it’s kind of a problem…


I think Momma had a great time. She’s due in June-I can’t wait to meet her little girl!

This next weekend I’m heading to Boulder-so many trips planned!! I’m going to the Blend Retreat  and I can’t wait! This is my first blogger meet up’s gonna be awesome I can already tell. Lots of bootcamps, yoga, and of course, food! đŸ™‚


How was your weekend? Any fun summer trips planned?

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