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Blogger Love

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get inspiration (and motivation) from other blogs, especially recipe inspiration. As much as I like to pretend I’m a professional in the kitchen, I’m really not. I’ve tried to “wing” recipes and they usually turn up as fails. I guess that’s how you figure it out though…some things work, and some don’t.

My blog love doesn’t stop at a few blogs. I love to find new ones (at least new to me) because I feel like I’m always discovering new things whether they’re workout ideas or kitchen tips. There are tons of great blogs out there so it’s kind of fun to read something new every day.

My latest blog obsessions come from Stuft Mama and Powercakes.

Stuft Mama has great, healthy recipes that are all pretty easy too. Most of the ingredients she uses I have laying around so it works out perfectly! My favorites of her’s though are her sweeter recipes. I definitely have a sweet tooth so finding healthier ways to satisfy it are always a goal of mine! She’s got some great ideas on her blog. She also has hard workout videos that usually feature her twin boys who are the cutest things ever.

I’ve tried a couple of her recipes before and last night, added another one to the list: dark chocolate frosting. It’s homemade and much better for you than store bought frosting. Only 3 ingredients too: cocoa powder, sugar free maple syrup, and milk.

So easy-just mix up your ingredients and spread on something delicious! I spread some on a Vitatop but also thought pouring it on freshly cut fruit would be great too.

If you’re craving chocolate (and like dark chocolate) this will so hit the spot.

Perfect dessert. Think I might have to have a repeat tonight….

Back to my blog love. Next up is Powercakes. This lovely lady knows fitness: she’s competed in bikini and figure competitions so basically, I trust her when it comes to yummy recipes and workouts. She’s pretty much making a brand name out of Powercakes-her pre or post workout (or neither) healthy version of a pancake (correct me if I’m wrong Kasey). She’s also the creator of Chia Jam which is an insanely good idea (I make it all the time).

I saw a drink recipe on her blog actually that I thought was brilliant: homemade peppermint mocha using tea! I love peppermint mocha’s at Starbucks. I know it’s warming up and they aren’t serving them anymore, but seriously…they’re amazing. I was so excited when I saw this recipe because it’s much lower in calories and sugar and caffeine free.

This was a super easy recipe too, all I needed was peppermint tea, milk, cocoa powder, and a sweetener (I used Stevia)-that’s it!

I used nonfat milk but then added a dash of chocolate soy milk just to give it a little more chocolate flavor.

This would also be great as a dessert. Throw a little whipped cream on top and it would be perfect.


I read so many blogs it’s kind of ridiculous so I could go on and on about others that are also amazing, but today, I’ll keep it to two. So, check them out if you want some healthy dessert alternatives (or regular dish ideas…I guess you should eat dinner before dessert) or workout ideas-both blogs have both!


What blogs are you loving these days? (besides mine of course 🙂 )

By the way, I’m 6 months pregnant today…the time is flying. Yikes!

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