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Chocolate (Greek Yogurt) Muffins

Hi guys!! It’s been a while huh? I’ve been a slacker blogger lately, I know. I had some server issues last week plus just one of those weeks where I was totally not motivated to do anything. I hate those weeks…I feel like such a blob. But it’s okay I’m getting back into the swing of things this week after the long weekend..although it was so hard to get up this morning!

Anyway, I’ve had so many recipes on my list of “to try’s” but haven’t tried any of them (because of the whole blob thing) but Sunday I forced myself to make one. I found this gem on Pinterest (of course) and thought it sounded great because it hit the chocolate spot, but wasn’t too decadent or desserty.

I started following Chobani on Pinterest and ever since then, my list of “to make” recipes has basically doubled. I love all these recipes involving greek yogurt because a.) I always have it around and b.) it adds some healthy protein to recipes that may otherwise lack in that department.

This recipe comes from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts. I basically followed the recipe exactly except I used dark chocolate cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, and half vanilla greek yogurt with half regular nonfat.

I still haven’t been daring enough to use Stevia in place of sugar when baking…does anyone do that? Does it taste good..?

I didn’t think I’d love the vanilla flavor by itself just because I don’t normally go for vanilla, but I actually really like this yogurt. It has slightly less sugar than some of the other flavors by the way.

So, these smelled like brownies…ridiculous.

I am in the middle of a serious chocolate addiction by the way. I’d love to blame pregnancy…but I’m pretty sure I just like chocolate…pregnant or not :).

So, we had 12 of these Sunday evening…and we now have 3 left. I think my husband’s had like, 2? And that is why I should not bake.

There’s greek yogurt and dark chocolate in them so they’re healthy right..? 🙂 Kinda…


How was your long weekend? Do anything fun?

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