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Eggs In Your Oatmeal

I admit, the suggestion of adding eggs to your oatmeal sounds a little scary and basically disgusting at first. But I swear, it works! When I say eggs of course, I mean egg whites. I haven’t taken the plunge yet and added the yolk. I feel like then I’d have to eat savory oats and that doesn’t sound too appealing to me. I’m not quite ready for savory oats!

Anyway, I go on oatmeal kicks. This week is one of those kicks. I’ve had it every day for breakfast since getting back from Blend- I forgot how good it is!

To pump up my oats a little more, I add some egg whites. It makes them even more filling since it adds quite a bit more protein with few calories.

This is how I do it:

  • Measure out 1/2 cup of oats.

  • Add 2 egg whites (you can always start with 1!).

  • Mix those egg whites in well with the oats and let it sit for a minute or 2.

  • Add in 1 cup of whatever liquid you want. I use 1/2 cup nonfat milk and 1/2 cup water.
  • Microwave for 2 minutes-making sure those egg whites are cooked! You should see little chunks of egg in the oatmeal-it shouldn’t be clear anymore. I know this sounds kinda gross but I swear it’s good!

See the egg whites?

  • That’s it! Now add your favorite toppings! Today, mine was strawberries and banana with chia seeds..yummm.

You really don’t notice the egg. It’s certainly not overly eggy tasting I promise! I usually add at least 1 egg white whenever I make oatmeal. Give it a try! 🙂


On the exercise front, I did a lower body workout yesterday at the gym. Here’s what I did (I put links to videos for most of these moves in case you weren’t sure what they were):

Warmed up with a ten minute jog.

  • Step Ups– 3 sets of 10 on both legs holding 10lb. weights. You can use any height for the step up that you’d like. You can definitely start lower then gradually add more height.
  • Wall Sit (squat)– 3 sets of 30 -45 second holds.


  • Split Squats– 3 sets of 10 on both legs holding 10lb. weights.
  • Goblet Squat– 3 sets of 15 holding 10lb. weight. (I didn’t go near as low as this guy in the video. I don’t trust my balance enough right now).


  • Wall Balls– 3 sets of 15 using 20lb. medicine ball.
  • Deadlifts– 3 sets of 15 using 15lb. weights.


  • Plank- 4 sets of 30 second holds.
  • Clams– 3 sets of 15 on both legs.

I finished up with 1 lap of walking lunges around the indoor track in my gym.

Coming up with ab exercises is trickier these days since I can’t do any that involve me being on my back. Plank is a great move but I want to do others as well…any ideas?

I felt pretty good after! I got there before the truck load of firemen too so I had plenty of space! 🙂


What’s your favorite ab move?

Back to oats, do you add anything “weird” to your oatmeal?

2 comments to Eggs In Your Oatmeal

  • I’ve tried egg whites in oatmeal and it’s actually pretty good!

  • Drew

    I assume you do plank and the side plank. there’s always weighted plank if that’s a possibility or a sit up machine so you stay upright. You didn’t specify the issue with being on your back do you have a back injury?

    You should add the egg yolk, it has most of the nutritional value of the egg. More protein if you take size into consideration (it’s smaller than the white) and has almost all of the vitamins and minerals.

    As far as cholesterol is concerned I have been eating 3-6 eggs (entire eggs) per day for many months now and when I began I checked my blood before and after the 2nd month and my cholesteral is lower than before I started eating so many eggs, you should try it and go to the doctor and check your blood and see if your cholesterol increases.

    There are youtube videos by scooby1961 that are pretty good, you can watch his videos and possibly email him for some ideas. He is a professional bodybuilder giving free advice to people.

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