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Freezer Ready Meals

Since I’m finally in my third trimester, I’ve been trying to get a little organized and make lists of things I need to do (or would like to do) before the baby comes. As of right now, I don’t feel like it’s too much…mostly stocking up on everyday items like diapers, wipes, and some clean baby clothes. Other than that, there are just random little things that will make our lives so much easier if I can get them done beforehand.

One thing in particular is having food around. Something tells me the day we get back from the hospital, I’m not gonna be up in the kitchen cooking dinner, baking cookies, and throwin’ a party. Having food already in the house would be hugely convenient for us (or any new parents!). I also plan on buying paper plates and cups so we don’t even have to think about doing a dish.

I’ve been pinning freezer meals like crazy lately just trying to get prepped on some potential meals I can make beforehand. One meal that I saw that sounded amazing was egg strata-kinda like a casserole- that I found on Fit Mama Real Food’s blog. She has some great freezer meal ideas-she just had her little boy Hunter not too long ago!

My mom makes a mean egg and sausage casserole so this dish kind of reminded me of that. I didn’t freeze the one I made last night…it was more of a test run aka I just wanted some egg casserole. I’ve read though when freezing an egg casserole, freeze the dish before the eggs are cooked, then when you take it out, cook it, and your good to go! I’m so glad casseroles and quiches are freezable since they’re great for any meal..not just breakfast.

I pretty much followed Heather’s directions on the strata but I added some antelope sausage to the mix.

So, I cooked the sausage, pepper, and onion before adding it to the pan. I think next time, I won’t cook the sausage quite as long or maybe I’ll add more eggs because the sausage was a little dry.

I used 8 eggs in a 9×13 pan. Heather used a smaller pan, so maybe next time I’ll add a couple more eggs.

This turned out really great though and was super easy.  I love it too because it makes quite a bit so we have plenty of leftovers today for lunch or dinner!

So good!!


So, I’m definitely going to make some egg casserole and quiche dishes to freeze before baby comes…but I’ve also found some great meatball, burrito, enchilada, and lasagna meals. It’s so easy to focus only on dinner but I think I’ll also make some muffins or pancakes and freeze those too for quick breakfasts.

I’ve never actually made a meal then froze it so this is all new to me! I’m kind of excited to experiment… 🙂 If they’re total failures…I’ll just have to send my husband to Costco!


In other news, a good friend of mine just started a blog and is launching a new health and wellness business. She’s leaving the corporate world and venturing out on her own to create a business about something she’s extremely passionate about: health.  What a scary thing…to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, right? Scary, but also incredibly admirable. I’m so happy and excited for her!

Here’s a little information on her upcoming business venture, Blume:

Every single person on the planet has a health story. We all want to share and discover healthy tips easily and quickly with our friends. Where do we notoriously look first? The internet. But we don’t have a medical Google, or a Facebook, or a Pinterest, or an Amazon in a single integrated and trusted place. Blume is that destination. For U.

Today is a catalyst in getting Blume off the ground and I need YOUR help to get the buzz going. I’ve launched a landing page where my goal is to collect as many email addresses as possible. Not 50, not 100, not 500, but thousands. Yes, thousands! And I can’t do without you.

So, here’s how you can help:
  1. Enter your email address in the landing page here. You will then be prompted to share the landing page on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. This is what will make ALL the difference!
  2. “Like” her Facebook page here and join the conversation as you see fit.
  3. Follow her blog here.

She’s a smart gal and I look forward to not only reading her blog regularly, but participating in Blume!


Switching gears one more time, do you make meals ahead of time and freeze them? Any good freezer meal recommendations?


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