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Perfect Lemon Cookies

I realize my most recent post was on “clean eats”…and they were clean-which is super!! But..sometimes I need a little dirty in my life..aka sweets! Real sweets…made with white sugar, white flour, and butter…yaaa…none of this applesauce or banana stuff. Butter.

I basically love any kind of sweet, but I thought something with lemon would be refreshing and perfect for these hot summer days. I’ve made lemon bars before and love them…seriously, who doesn’t? They’re perfect. I will admit, I would choose lemon bars over these cookies I think just because I like the softer texture of lemon bars. That being said, the taste is amazing!

I found this recipe on Pinterest (because I obviously lack creativity of my own in the kitchen) but here is the original recipe.

The recipe was actually pretty simple and straightforward.

Zesting a lemon was probably the hardest part…

As if there wasn’t enough sugar in the cookies already, before you bake them, you roll them in powdered sugar! Gotta make sure they’re sweet!

These cookies were great. They were best right out of the oven, but aren’t most cookies? I only cooked them for 10 minutes so they’re done quickly..which is always a plus :).


Since today’s post was kinda lacking in the health department and not my usual pregnancy update (no picture yet..oops), I’ll share my workout from yesterday with you.

I actually started jogging on the treadmill a bit and it really did feel okay. My only problem (sorry if this is too much information) was I felt like I was going to pee my pants…it made me nervous enough that I stopped and walked. I think that’s pretty normal around this time since the baby is getting bigger and bigger and essentially just sits on my bladder. Peeing my pants at the gym would be a new low…I’ll try again though maybe it was just that one time? 🙂

I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes then did some strength training:

  • Hammer Curls to Shoulder Press- 3 sets of 15 using 10lb. weights
  • Triceps Extension- 3 sets of 15 using 10lb. weight
  • Shoulder Press- 3 sets of 15 using 10lbs. on the machine
  • Chest Press- 3 sets of 15 using 25lbs. on the machine
  • Rows- 3 sets of 15 using 10lb. weights.

Nothing to crazy, but just enough to get my heart pumping and muscles working! Today I’m going to try and do some leg exercises. I actually went to prenatal yoga the other night but it was canceled..possibly for good which bums me out. So, I’ll have to force myself to do stretches here.

In other news, one of my best friends had her baby last night-Layla! Or I should say, this morning at 3am…so exciting!! She’s perfect-congrats Jodi and Graham!!


Any fun weekend plans? We’re pretty much just hanging out this weekend, but we are doing a tour of the hospital where we’re delivering tomorrow so I’m actually really excited about that! Haven’t seen the delivery area yet!

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