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Recent Clean Eats

Hey guys!

I’ve suddenly started feeling motivated again to cook and bake…well, mostly bake. I haven to admit I’m still less than thrilled that I have to (choose to?) make dinner every night…every night? Really? That seems excessive don’t you think?

didn't they just eat?

I love that picture. That is basically my thought process every day :). We’ll see what happens when I have a baby…hah yikes.

Anyway, the bottom line when it comes to dinners is, I need to make bigger portions so we have more leftovers. That would make life a whole lot easier! Or maybe I’ll just start buying Costco sized frozen lasagna’s and we will eat those every night.

Back to being motivated! I have, fortunately or unfortunately, been motivated to bake a ton lately! That’s basically all I want to do. Baking, as we all know, can be very dangerous since most baked goods are not exactly “low carb” or “low in sugar” or “good for you.” Such a shame!

Luckily, I have found some recipes for baked good that aren’t terrible. They use more bananas, applesauce, greek yogurt, etc. to replace other ingredients like oil and sugar.

One recipe I tried the other day was for blueberry muffins-which I love! Have you ever had the muffins from Costco? Oh seriously…those are amazing. But probably horrendous for you so these little muffins are an excellent replacement! I found the recipe off of (with a name like that, they have to be healthier right?). She wrote that they are “insanely good” and in m opinion, she wasn’t exaggerating. They were great!

By the way, I love summer. I am so excited about all the different fruits and veggies (mostly fruit) that are in season..finally!!! Berries are definitely on my list but also peaches! I am obsessed with peaches (try grilled peaches..mmm).

My peach obsession was pretty clear on Father’s Day. I made my hubs aka daddy-to-be pork chops and peaches! I’ve made this dish before and it never fails. I originally saw it in a Clean Eating magazine a couples years back when we lived in Chicago and I haven’t forgotten it! It’s easy, healthy, and delicious…love it!

The pork chops are marinaded in a nice balsamic-honey marinade then cooked under the broiler. The peaches are broiled too so they’re perfectly cooked-not too soft but not too hard..yum. (Recipe can be found here).

So good! It’s pretty light so it’s a great summer dinner and I promise the men (or meat eaters) in your life will approve. If mine does, yours will for sure!


What fruit or vegetable do you look forward to eating the most during summer?  I’m currently obsessed with peaches and cherries! I think I need some watermelon in my life though too..



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