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Summertime Grilled Peaches

I keep forgetting it’s June-time is flying!! So, it’s officially summer right? YES finally! I’m so excited it’s summer time but I feel like it’s going to fly by and be snowing before I know it. I’d be okay if winter never came..just sayin’.

Since it’s summer time, that obviously means it’s grillin’ season! We actually grill burgers quite a bit around here because we have an endless supply of antelope meat. Yep, so that means we grill antelope burgers at least once a week. They’re actually pretty good-we usually mix in feta cheese and greek seasoning so the cheese definitely helps to fatten them up.

Besides grilled meats, I personally, love grilled veggies. Onions, peppers, broccoli-anything! It’s just so much better off the grill. So, veggies and meat are definitely a win when they’re grilled so I thought why not fruit? I’ve had grilled pineapple before and it’s amazing so last night I tried some peaches.

I love peaches. They just scream summertime to me. I swear two weeks ago I couldn’t find peaches at all in the grocery store but now they’re here! They finally arrived!

Grilling peaches or any other fruit is super easy. All you do is cut the peach in half or however you’d like to grill it, add some oil to the cut side, then grill!

I added coconut oil to the peaches just because I love the taste (and smell). You can use whatever oil you’d like but probably something like canola would be best since it doesn’t leave much of a taste on the peach.

I grilled the peaches cut side down until they had some nice grill marks on them, then I flipped them over. I basically grilled them until they were were soft but not falling apart.

I served it with greek yogurt, a little agave, and granola-it was so good!! This would also be amazing with some vanilla ice cream..yummm.

I swear last night when I was making these, I got 2 songs majorly stuck in my head: “Peaches and Cream” by 112 and “Peaches” by Presidents of the United States. I know you guys remember at least one of those songs! I loved both…2 very different songs…both about “peaches” (pretty sure they’re not about actual peaches).

I hope they get stuck in your head now too :).


Have you ever grilled fruit?

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