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Testing Pinterest

By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with Pinterest. It’s basically another way to waste time on your computer…add it to the list right behind Facebook and Twitter!! But, it’s also pretty amusing and sometimes really does come in handy. I like using Pinterest especially for workouts and recipes. I’ve actually tried multiple things that I’ve pinned so I don’t feel like it’s been a total waste of time….

One thing I’ve been meaning to try is making your own Surf Spray for your hair i.e. knocking off Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray.

Their Surf Spray basically gives your hair a beachy texture and look. You’ve probably noticed how piecey and chunky it looks after dipping in the ocean. I love that look but hate how dirty I feel after soaking in salt water so this spray gives you the look, without the ocean.

I used to use this spray all the time because I have wavy hair so it’s perfect for summertime hair. That being said, it’s not cheap. So, when I came across a homemade version of the spray, I had to try it!


So, I modified this recipe slightly just because a.) my spray bottle is pretty small and b.) I have very fine hair so I didn’t want to add too much oil out of fear it would weigh it down.

I used a cup of water with 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of hair gel, and half a tsp of coconut oil.

Here’s how it turned out:

My hair is still slightly wet in these pictures so it might look a little weighed down. Overall, I thought it was okay. It didn’t give my hair the same lift, volume, and texture as the B&B spray. I might try it again and just add some more salt. I think it’s one of those things that depends on your hair texture and length so you kind of have to play with it a little.

Someone needs their hair colored….

Since my hair is fine, I love products that give it some boost aka volume!! I need some serious volume in my life. Want to hear something sad? I used to have super curly hair but over the past few years it’s become less and less curly…I guess it happens with age… :(.

So, I might retry this recipe and see if works..if not, B&B has me for life!  Here are some other tricks or tips I found on Pinterest that I want to try:


Cleaning your microwave with just a bowl of water and vinegar, nuking that for a minute, then wiping it clean!


Erasing hard water stains with just lemon..?


Keeping brown sugar soft by placing a marshmallow in the bag with it? I need to try this one!! I just threw away a bag of brown sugar because it was rock hard!


Using just hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to get  yellow underarm stains out of shirts! Another one I need to try!

If I try any of those-which I need to-I’ll let you know what worked and what didn’t!


Do you guys have any cool tricks for around the house stuff? Tried anything on Pinterest and it worked (or failed)?


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