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All-Natural Sink Cleaner

I mentioned before that I think I’m in a little bit of a “nesting” mode. I’ve been trying to keep our place clean and each day (or every few days) try to really clean certain parts of the place like the bathroom, kitchen, etc. Last night, it was the kitchen sink!

We live in a really old place so cleaning this place has been somewhat of a challenge. I think I clean it pretty well, but it always kinda feels dirty which makes me want to pull my hair out. But, I do what I can. We have a steel sink in the kitchen that, like most other things, kind always looks dirty. I’ve scrubbed it before and it never really makes much of  a difference-at least in its’ appearance.

Since I’m pregnant, I’m trying not to use harsh chemicals and sprays to clean so last night, I tried something very simple to clean the sink: baking soda.

I know baking soda has a great reputation of being versatile in ways you can use it, but honestly I’ve only used it when baking-never cleaning! So, I made a little cleaner with it last night-just baking soda and warm water-only enough water to make a paste.

So, here are some before pictures of my sink:

I guess the dirty dishes don’t help….try to ignore those!

I just plopped some of my paste onto a sponge and started scrubbing! I could actually see dirt coming off on the sponge..gross-but good!

After I scrubbed the sink with my baking soda paste, I used a piece of wax paper and rubbed it over the faucet head. Apparently, that will help prevent water spots from forming in the future-we’ll see!

Okay, brace yourself for after pics! Here they are…

Oooo so clean…

Overall, I’d say the baking soda did a great job! I think it may have done a better job than the all purpose cleaner I usually use. Here’s a comparison:



Not bad!! It’s certainly not perfect, but this sink will never be. It looks significantly better though so I’m pretty happy.

All I did to make the paste was add about 4 tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl, then slowly added in warm water until a paste formed-so easy! It’s really easy to add too much water, but if that happens, just add more baking soda.

My next project is cleaning our porcelain sink in the bathroom!


Do you make your own house cleaners? Any good suggestions?

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  • Kayla

    I just found on Pinterest a way to clean your toilet with baking soda! It works AMAZINGLY!! You just put a cup of baking soda in your toilet and let it sit for a half hour or a little longer if needed! Then you just scrub the inside of the toilet! Our basement bathroom hardly gets used and was starting to get that ring and grossness and it worked so well on it! Everything came right off!!

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