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Lower Body Workout and Running

I haven’t really talked about running much lately because frankly, it hasn’t been happening. I thought for sure that I’d be running throughout my entire pregnancy..including the third trimester. I have to admit, I was a little naive (understandably’s my first time) about the changes your body goes through. Not necessarily the nitty gritty changes, but the weight gain that just sits on top of your bladder- that alone stops me from running!

Hopefully this isn’t too much information, but when I’ve tried to run, I get this scary sensation that I might pee my pants. It’s out of my control…at least it feels like it is, so obviously, I stop. The other day though we actually had some great weather roll through here: it was finally cool! I decided to attempt a run outside, therefore if an “accident” did happen (apparently I’m 3 haha) I could just run home.

So, I tried it. I got that same sensation a couple of times but just ran through it..and guess what? No pants peeing! Exciting news, I know. It actually felt really good to jog a little bit. Besides the bathroom dilemma, I got crampy a couple of times and just felt really stretched out so when that happened, I walked. It felt great!! Hopefully we’ll have a few more cool days this summer so I can head out again for a light jog.

I tried to run again on the treadmill yesterday but I just get too nervous….so, walking it is!

Since my run yesterday was a fail, I did some lower body exercises instead. I’m really trying to continue to lift weights just so I don’t lose too much muscle. Maybe that added strength will help during labor…? Let’s go with a yes. 🙂

Here was my workout from yesterday:


Third Trimester Lower Body Workout

  • Squats-15 reps with 8lb. weights
  • Deadlifts- 15 reps with 10lb. weights
  • Squats– 15 reps with 8lb. weights
  • Sumo Squats- 15 reps with 10lb. weights
  • Squats-15 reps with 8lb. weights
  • Walking Lunges- 3 laps with 8lb. weights
  • Squats-15 reps with 8lb. weights
  • Side Lying Hip Extensions- 15 reps on both legs.
  • Squats-15 reps with 8lb. weights

I went through this whole thing 3 times so by the end of it, I did a lot of squats! I’ve been getting some serious hip pain while I sleep so I’m trying to strengthen my hips a little more and make sure to stretch them out too. I’m not sure if that’ll help, but it’s worth a try!

My favorite hip stretches are Pigeon Pose-which is proving to be more difficult with a giant belly in the way!


Lying Hip and Glute Stretch- this is one of my favorites. I actually do this sitting down usually on the ground. You can also do this sitting on a chair.

If you want some other hip stretching ideas, check out this page on FitSugar. Most of the things they list I would probably never be able to do especially not now hah but maybe someday? They’re very yoga-insprired.

I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was filled with these:

mini cinnamon rolls!

More on those later…

And this:

We are about to be in a world of zucchini!!


Any good workout recommendations out there? I love finding new workouts!!

Do you have a garden? What’s workin’ for you this summer?

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