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Rocky Mountain National Park

The hubs and I had a great weekend-we headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park! It was a ton of fun. I’ve never been there before and my husband hasn’t been for years so it was quite an adventure for both of us. Normally, we probably would have camped out in the park but since I’m almost 8 months pregnant, I decided the comfort of a hotel room would be much better (or should I say, comfort of a bathroom?).

We saw lots of wildlife including some huge elk, a moose, big horn sheep, and marmots-it was awesome! Here are some pics from the weekend:

There's a moose out there I swear!

the hubs

This picture kills me. My boobs are like, on my belly…sexy.

See the other antlers behind this guy? They are huge!


This guy was the coolest. He seemed to be by himself, just eating away while we all watched him. He let us get super close..which was kinda crazy. We were probably like 15 feet away. There was a moment when I thought to myself, ” maybe I should back off…if he decides he’s annoyed..he could do some serious damage!” But he didn’t! 🙂

marmot! Like a fat squirrel 🙂

more sheep!

I loved seeing all these wild animals-it was so cool!


How was your weekend? Any 4th of July plans?

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