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38 Weeks.

Still pregnant! I guess that’s normal but I was kinda hoping she was gonna come…today. Today’s not over yet so anything is possible!

I feel pretty good for the most part. I can just tell I’m starting to get anxious. I wish the doctor’s could just look at me and say, “oh yeah she’s coming this week for sure” or something. I know that’s totally unrealistic but I can continue to wish.

Anyway, here are my 37 1/2 week pictures…still gettin’ bigger!

So, does anyone actually know what a winter melon is? I’ve never heard of these things…but apparently that’s about how big our baby is! These next few weeks she gets into the big leagues. At 38 weeks she’s around the size of a small pumpkin and 39-40 a watermelon!!

Total weight gain: 29 pounds!

Maternity clothes? You betcha. Wearing these clothes to death at this point.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Still okay. I just cannot wait to sleep on my back. I had a dream the other night that we had her (and she was adorable) but it woke me. It made me so excited I couldn’t fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Doctor’s appointment yesterday. She said we’re measuring perfectly and her heart beat sounds great! There’s nothing more I need to hear :).

Miss Anything? Yeah..I’m ready to be back to “normal.”

Movement: All the time but she does feel crammed in there. I notice a difference between the movement now and her movement a few weeks ago. She just feels super constricted in there…I guess because she is!

Food cravings: Nope. I’m so disappointed!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: Still get Braxton Hicks contractions all the time. One of these days they’ll be labor contractions…!

Belly Button in or out? Outish? I’m not really sure what’s going on there. My skin around my belly button is like, folding over because it’s stretched so tight.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Fingers are way too fat.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time but still feel kinda moody sometimes. I have no idea why…just kinda hits me every now and then.

Symptoms: Yep pretty standard symptoms at this point. Again, I’m ready to be back to “normal.”

Looking forward to: Her coming!! I want to know when!

Exercise: This week has been kinda slow in that regard too. I went to the gym Monday and yoga on Tuesday. I’ve been trying to walk regularly too because they say that could help induce labor (which I’m sure is bull crap..but maybe?). I’m going to try and workout this weekend and get out and walk too. Just try to stay somewhat can’t hurt!


So, things are good! Kinda just waiting at this point. Our due date is 2 weeks from tomorrow!! I can’t believe it’s coming, but on the other hand, it does feel like it’s been forever. I’m ready (I think?).

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