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Body Weight Circuit

This week has been a little slow in the gym department. Usually I try to go in the mornings but we had a doctor’s appointment one morning (which was great!), then yesterday I had to take our car in to get worked on. Today, I finally got my buns out of bed and to the gym!

I wasn’t sure since I’m later in my pregnancy if it was still okay to work out, but the doc gave me the go ahead. I don’t do anything super strenuous and running has taken a back seat. It still feels good though to get in there and lift some weights, walk, whatever just do something so I don’t feel like such a blob.

I kept the workout relatively simple today. Even though it was simple, it was still tough! You can actually do this workout anywhere it’s just using body weight. I found it off of Fit Sugar┬ábut changed it slightly. Here is the original workout:

The only thing I changed was I substituted triceps dips for bridges. I’m sure bridges would have been fine but you’re kind of on your back so I just tried dips instead. I also went back and forth between plank and modified plank (I have a lot of weight in front of me right now!). Oh and pushups were all on my knees.

So, you could do this anywhere! If you wanted to make it harder and you had access to weights, you could always add weights to the squats and lunges. If you’re a beginner, you can try it without weights, pushups on knees, and plank on knees.

I took my time doing this (so my heart rate wouldn’t shoot up) but definitely try to speed through it so you get your cardio in for the day too.

It’s a great workout to keep in mind when you’re traveling or when you can’t get to a gym!


Do you prefer to workout with weights or body weight?

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