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Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

That’s right-low carb cookies! I’ll say straight up-these cookies taste different than your standard chocolate chip cookie. How could they not though? That being said, they’re pretty darn good. Especially if you like the taste of coconut which I am loving these days.

These cookies did use coconut flour which always kind of scares me. My experience with coconut flour has been using it equals super dry hot mess. Coconut flour kind of sucks the moisture out of everything so I’m always a little skeptical to use it. The upside to using coconut flour is it tastes (and smells) great, it’s high in fiber, and low in carbs.

Anyway, these cookies were super easy to make and came out surprisingly well. I found the recipe on Delighted Momma’s blog (again, great blog especially if you’re looking for low carb recipes). Her cookies (of course) turned out much more attractive then my little blobs, but that’s ok, still tasted great!

Coconut flour and coconut oil can be hard to come by depending on where you live. I actually bought both before we moved here but I think our regular grocery store now sells coconut oil. I’ve seen it at Costco too. I know you can find coconut flour in health food stores (or Whole Foods, etc.) but you can always purchase it online which is what I might have to do when we run out..

melted honey and coconut oil mmm

melted honey and coconut oil mmm

So, another thing I’m looking forward to after pregnancy: eating raw cookie dough. I know you’re not supposed to, but I haven’t been sick yet so count me in!

Like I said, they’re pretty unattractive. Don’t judge a book by its’ cover :).

These were tasty fresh out of the oven, but honestly, they were also great after I refrigerated them. I liked them a lot cold!

I get so scared when using coconut flour…but so happy when it actually works!

If you want to give them a try (and you should!) here’s the link to the recipe.


Do you ever use coconut four? Any good suggestions on uses?

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