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Mom and Daughter- 1 Month In.

The few weeks after Brooke was born were definitely the hardest-not only because of crazy lady hormones but because of the sudden lack of sleep. I’ve never had sleep problems in my life but now I totally understand the importance of getting a good night’s rest. Although I would never do this (I’m sure no one admits they would though), I totally get how some parents get beyond frustrated with their babies and shake them. It’s an awful thing to say and again I’m not saying that’s okay, but no sleep can make you feel nuts.

Anyway, my husband and I are both getting more sleep than we were so things are definitely looking up. Brooke is 1 month old-I can’t believe it!

How Brooke’s Doing:

It’s so tempting to think your baby is falling into a schedule. I definitely want to think this but I’ve been warned many times that baby’s do not have schedules. Once you think they do, they change it up on you! So, I won’t jinx us, but lately she has been sleeping better. The past 3 nights she slept in 4 hour chunks so we’ve only had to get up twice. That’s pretty much awesome. I can’t wait for the day when I only have to get up once!

That being said, she tends to get fussy at night. It’s almost like clockwork. She cluster feeds a bit (just eats nonstop) but she will start getting fussy while feeding and I don’t really know how to calm her down. Usually sticking my boob in her face is enough but at night, she will fuss/feed for a couple hours before falling asleep. It can be frustrating not knowing what your baby wants or needs. It seems other people have had this problem though so I think it’s just a baby being a baby.

Even though she’s only 1 month, I swear I’m starting to get some smiles! Not just gas smiles either :). I  basically have no idea how to tell the difference but a couple days ago, she smiled more with her eyes if that makes sense. She actually looked happy. I love that!

Other than her sleeping and fussing at night, her life if pretty much the same: sleep, eat, and poop ’round the clock. The pictures I’m posting here are actually newborn pics we had taken a couple weeks ago. They were sort of a disaster-she would NOT sleep (she slept for literally 10 minutes then was up again). Who are these people that get amazing shots of their newborn dead asleep? I think next time, I’ll go with 1 year old pics instead :).


How I’m Doing:

I feel much better than I did. I’m getting more sleep and kind of getting back to a normal life. I don’t feel as scared taking her on errands with me so that’s getting better. I’m supposed to fly with her to Arizona at the end of October (alone) so I’m a little nervous for that but I’m sure we will make it through.

I’ve been itching to workout again and the midwife actually gave me the go ahead a couple weeks ago-just no running yet. Basically, she said to listen to my body. If I’m working out and I notice I begin to bleed more (sorry, TMI), then I should stop. If something hurts..stop. Kinda a no brainer.

I’ve been feeling better and I’m pretty sure my stitches have heeled so I’ve hit the gym the past few days. I’m not going hardcore because I definitely need to build my strength and endurance back up first. I’ve just been lifting some weights and walking on the treadmill some.

I actually did attempt a light jog a few days ago (don’t tell the midwife) but honestly, it hurt my boobs. I think I need a better sports bra…

Yesterday I did a pretty good workout that I found on Peanut Butter Fingers. I modified it slightly since I don’t want to kill myself just yet.

I ran through this workout twice and that was enough for me. I also took longer breaks in between the exercises just to make sure I was staying hydrated.

Instead of 30 squat jumps, I did 5 squat jumps and the rest just regular squats. Instead of 10 burpees, I did as many as I could so the first round I did 8 the next round I did 5. I did regular burpees too no pushup at the bottom.

I’m pretty sore! It felt good though to actually break a sweat.

I have another doctor’s appointment in about a week and a half so hopefully by then I can really start to push myself.

I’ll start to do some posts too on getting my regular body back. As far as that’s concerned, I’ve dropped most of the weight already but it’s amazing how little ab muscle remains. My tummy is so soft it feels weird having zero muscle. That being said, I’m pretty happy with how I look right now, but I still want to lose about 10 pounds. My regular pants don’t fit quite yet..some do, but they are way too tight.


I know I have some reader’s who are currently pregnant and probably some that have been pregnant, if you guys have any questions about anything, definitely feel free to ask! Not that I’m an expert, but I found that hearing people’s stories and experiences made me feel more prepared in a way. 🙂


If you’ve traveled with an infant, any suggestions?  I am not looking forward to it!

3 comments to Mom and Daughter- 1 Month In.

  • Katie

    the bottom picture is the cutest!! love it! so glad you’re feeling better, and super impressed you’re already (mostly) back into your clothes: you’re a rockstar!

    and travelling with a newborn really isn’t bad. (in fact, it is better than travelling with a bigger kid, i think!). you’ll be great 🙂

  • Adorable, I love the crying picture..Its real and true to life, some days you smile, some days you cry! Good luck on your travels.

  • Such beautiful photos!

    I flew alone with my son when he was 8 weeks old, and it was a breeze! I’ve flown with him many times since then (he’s almost 3 now) and the first time was by far the easiest.
    I brought my nursing cover and sat in a window seat for added privacy, and he nursed and slept the entire time.
    Also, when you have a baby with you most people are more than happy to help you put luggage in the overhead bins, fold your stroller, etc.
    Good luck!

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