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Modified CrossFit

I did a great workout at the gym yesterday. It was a workout I actually saw written down at the gym so I took a picture and decided to give it a shot. I’m not sure if there’s a group of people who do CrossFit’s together or if it’s for a class, but I appreciate them leaving it up for me to copy :).

That being said, I did not do the workout in its’ entirety. I’m not quite there yet. I tried my hardest though and modified it slightly. I am feeling sore today so I do think I worked hard enough!

I tried to do the first part exactly how it was written. I did the correct number of pushups (although some on my knees) as well as sit ups and leg lifts.

So, I can’t do a pullup without assistance. So, I just used the pullup machine and added some weight to it to help me out. I used between 40-70 pounds. I haven’t practiced pullups in forever so it was challenging but felt good.

I also didn’t do muscle ups because I’m pretty sure those require hanging rings which I don’t have access to. Instead, I did dips on the pullup machine. I used weights for those too but tried to use the least amount of weight I could so I used around 40 pounds. I started with 10 dips, then 15 and 15 again.

I only did 1 part of the TRX torture because to be honest, I don’t really know how to use TRX straps so I didn’t. I did the first part: chest press, back row, and jump squats. I used a 22 pound weighted bar for all the exercises (except the jumps). I wondered if that would be enough weight and it definitely was after 1 minute!  I also added thrusters in there using the same weight. I didn’t do the thrusters for time, I just did 40 reps.

It was a good workout! I’m really enjoying my time back in the gym these days. Not only have been to the gym, but some days I do workouts at home and those can definitely be equally as hard! They always kind of surprise me…which is a good thing.

Happy Thursday!

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