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Lifting Heavy

Hey guys! So, I’ve been doing some thinking since my last post and I’ve decided to scratch the Paleo challenge. Maybe one of these days…but right now I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think I’d be setting myself up for failure which is never a good idea. So, instead I’m just focusing on clean eating.

When I say clean eating, I basically mean no white stuff (white flour, white sugar) and limiting processed foods as much as I can. That doesn’t seem quite as overwhelming as Paleo which is cutting out all carbs, beans, and dairy.  What can I say, I like my beans!!

Although eating clean is somewhat straight forward, it can be tough. I think preparation is key so I’m going to designate Sunday as food preparation day! This means cutting up veggies and fruits for snacks, grilling chicken to eat throughout the week, and just having those healthy foods readily available when we are hungry.



I love peppers!! I buy a big pack of them at Costco…awesome with hummus.

So, I feel pretty good about the whole diet thing. I haven’t been craving sweets…yet. I know that’ll come…but we have none in the house so I guess I’m out of luck!!


On the fitness front, I’ve been doing my marathon training but am already burned out unfortunately. I know the race will be fun, but I’m ready for other forms of fitness besides running. I’ve been trying to incorporate some weight lifting during my training but it ain’t easy! Training takes up a lot of time.

I would like to add some muscle if I can though. I felt pretty weak after having Brooke…especially in the abs (obviously) and back region so I’m attempting to start lifting “heavy.” Basically, lifting heavy means only being able to perform 4-6 reps in a set.  I tried my hand at this method the other day during a bicep and tricep workout:



It seemed like such a short workout but it definitely burned! I’m going to try and keep track of the weight I lift to see my progression over the weeks.

Today I’m going to tackle this back workout:



  • Wide grip lat pulldown
  • one arm dumbbell row
  • bent over barbell row
  • seated cable rows
  • underhand cable pulldown
  • chin ups
  • hyperextensions

I’ll probably look just like that chick when I’m done :).


If you lift weights, do you lift heavy or keep it light to tone?

3 comments to Lifting Heavy

  • Erin Allen

    What are skull crushers?

    also Brent loves the website for free WODs (workout of the day). I plan on using it once I push this baby out in the next week and get the all clear to go back to working out. Lots of great crossfit workouts which emphasize lifting heavy and doing complete functional body moves.

  • Andrea

    Lifting heavy is hard work. That has been what I have been focusing on since my running has had to pretty much come to a halt. Surgery soon then I will be back at it. I love the changes that I have seen since I started lifting heavy. Keep at it and enjoy every workout. I look forward to hearing how your training goes.

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