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Deconstructed Sushi Roll

Hey all! Yeah, it’s been a while. I am officially the worst blogger in the blogosphere. But hey, I’m tryin’. This post will be short and sweet! I wanted to share it with you because I thought it was so easy and delicious.

I love sushi. My favorite type of sushi is salmon sashimi (raw salmon). It sounds kinda gross-raw..ew, scary- but I swear, it’s like butter. Since I live in the mountains, fresh sushi grade salmon is not readily available. So I picked up the next best thing: smoked salmon.

I’ve made actual sushi rolls before but it can take time and you need the proper utensils so I opted for a bowl instead. So easy!

Deconstructed Sushi Bowl

  • Annie Chun’s Sprouted Brown Sticky Rice-1 Bowl (you don’t need this, you can use any rice you’d like. I find this at my regular grocery store in the Asian foods section).
  • Cucumber chopped up
  • Carrots chopped up
  • Smoked salmon
  • Half an avocado
  • Seaweed snacks (also in Asian aisle-you don’t need these either)



Awesome and so quick!

Sorry for the quick post….the baby’s wakin’ up!


Do you like sushi? What’s your favorite roll?

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