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Healthy Snacking on the Road

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts our Internet has been out…’s been a rough few days without it! This is also my first post from my iPad so bear with me if there are misspellings or other weird things going on.

So, my husband and I travel a lot. Like an absurd amount. Our poor child has been on a plane more times than the average adult. It’s tough sometimes to stick to a healthy diet when you’re in an airport surrounded by McDonald’s and frozen yogurt (my personal weakness).

I try my best to come prepared! Here are a couple healthy snack ideas that are also easy to stuff in during while traveling:

Baby food!

Mm baby food

Mm baby food

baby food probably sounds gross and weird, but these little pouches of puréed yummyness are a great and easy snack.  I’ve had some that are made of fruit and veggies and I promise they don’t taste like baby food…they taste great! Give them a try….it’s such an easy way to get in your fruits and veggies!

nuts are yummy and super easy to pack. The only thing with nuts is you have to watch how many you eat. It’s so easy to eat  handfuls and not realize you just consumed 1,000 calories. Such a shame they’re so high in cals! In moderation though, they’re a great snack.

Fruit and veggies!


Fresh fruits and veggies are great. Obviously, they’re super healthy. The only downside is they may take some prep beforehand if you need to cut them up. There are plenty though you could just take as is like apples, bananas, berries, carrots, and grapes.

String cheese!


I love string cheese. It’s kind of addicting. It’s so easy to pack and packs some protein. Speaking of protein…



Jerky is awesome since its high in protein and low in carbs. I find a lot of airport snacks are high in carbs and they usually have zero nutritional value….just sugar and flour. Another high protein option is hard boiled eggs.

Snack bars!


That picture looks disgusting. What you’re looking at is a chocolate chip quest bar that I microwaved for too long…oops. I love quest bars because they’re low carb. They are a bit high in calories which is a bummer but they taste amazing! Snack bars are incredibly convenient but can sometimes be calorie and sugar bombs so read the labels!


What are your go to healthy snacks when you’re on the road?

2 comments to Healthy Snacking on the Road

  • I mean at least you HAVE a baby to be able to justify the baby food. We just buy it because its easy, delicious, and great for a quick snack. To the point that the check out lady at Safeway on Mother’s Day told me “I shouldn’t be buying my children gifts on my day”. I was like oh no lady this is for my boyfriend. HA! I LOVE Quest Bars too!

  • our road trip favorites are jerky,nuts,string cheese and apples. Anything is better than fast food 🙂

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