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Pimp my Protein Shake

Pimp that baby out with Xanthan gum!!

I’m sure you’re all thinking “xanthan gum sounds like something scary…” or ” would stores even sell such a thing?” or “what the hell is it?”

Xanthan gum is actually not that scary, and yes, stores do sell it believe it or not. It’s generally used as a thickener commonly found in salad dressings or sauces. It’s great because you only need a small amount to produce lots of thickness.

I don’t know about you, but I can NEVER get my protein shakes/smoothies to actually be smoothie like. They are usually straight up liquid with small chunks of ice in it…sad.

Since using the Xanthan gum, my smoothies are awesome. They’re actually smooth. I love it!!


I use about a teaspoon but I’d recommend starting with a dash and adding more if you want it thicker (like ice cream 🙂 ).


I found this small bag at a health food store here but I’ve seen a large bag (Bob’s Red Mill brand) sold at my normal grocery store. I loved finding this smaller bag since it’s a little pricey and a little goes a long way. I would check your regular old grocery store but also maybe take a look at somewhere like Whole Foods. They might sell it in the bulk bins.



This has been my standard smoothie lately: almond milk, protein powder, banana, PB2, and Xanthan gum (oh, and ice).



So good! Perfect consistency!


Have you tried Xanthan gum before? What’s your favorite smoothie combination? 

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