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HIIT Tuesday #1

Hey guys! So, it’s Tuesday…and Tuesday’s seem like a really great day to do some HIIT (high intensity interval training) right? I’d like to make this an ongoing feature on the blog: every Tuesday a new HIIT workout. Sound good?

(On a side note this is my first experience with picmonkey so forgive my amateur pictures 🙂 ).

This first workout is great because it’s easy to do at home-which is what I did. Brooke was napping so I decided to get in a quick workout. Originally, I was going to do each move for a minute but looking back I’m glad I didn’t…30 seconds was plenty long! Here’s the workout:

Some of those moves may sound a little funky so I’ll break them down.

Spiderman Pushup with Knee Tuck (thanks to the Purely Twins for introducing me to this move): Start in a pushup position. When you lower down for a pushup, bring your right knee to your right elbow, then straighten back out. From there, jump your legs forward (see 3rd picture) then back again so you’re in a pushup position. Repeat spiderman pushup with left knee and left elbow.


Jump Squat with Overhead Press– If you don’t have weights, don’t worry about it. I used 1 8lb. weight. Start in a squat holding the weight between your hands. From there, simply jump up simultaneously pressing the weight overhead then land softly back into squat.

jump squats

Burpees with Dumbbells– This is another one you can leave out the dumbbells and just do regular burpees. These are standard burpees just holding some weights so it makes it a little harder.


Traveling Pushup– Perform a regular pushup, then bring left hand to right hand so you’re moving your whole body, then move right hand out away from left hand so you’re back in pushup position. You’re basically moving back and forth between pushups.



Walking Planks– Or up down planks? Not really sure what these are called. Anyway, start in the pushup position then lower down to your left forearm followed by the right (now you’re in plank position on your forearms). From there, straighten back up onto your right arm then your left.



Mountain Climbers– No picture for this…sorry (I’m sure you’re crushed). I kind of assumed everyone knew about good ol’ mountain climbers. In case you don’t, here’s a link to a great video on them.


You can thank my husband for these kick-ass photos :).

I called this workout “Shoulder Scorcher” because you spend a lot of time in the pushup or plank position which in turn, burns the shoulders. You should be SICK of plank position by the end of these. Enjoy!

Do you try hiit workouts? What’s your favorite?

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