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don't gain any weight girl!

don’t gain any weight girl!

You may or may not have heard about Lululemon’s old CEO (but current chairman of the board of directors) and his comments lately about their defective pants. First, I’ll give you some information on the pants. A couple months back Lululemon was called out on the quality of their pants being less than stellar because they were see through. I don’t know about you, but when I buy $100 yoga pants, I expect them to make my ass look tight and to NOT be see through. I don’t think that’s too much to ask right? Especially the see through part.

Okay, so they messed up. They should apologize, return money, etc. and make better pants. End of story. Well, the CEO, Mr. Chip Wilson went on Bloomberg TV explaining what the actual problem with the pants was. It wasn’t that their fabric was crap, it was that women were squeezing their big fat booties into sizes that were too small. To be fair, he didn’t say those exact words…he said this:

“The thing is that women will wear seatbelts that don’t work [with the pants], or they’ll wear a purse that doesn’t work, or quite frankly some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for it.”

“So, more likely that they’ll be see-through on some women than others?” Bloomberg’s Trish Regan asked.

“It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time and how much they use it,” Wilson responded.


So, I apologize, not fat booties but fat thighs rubbing together. I think I speak for all of us when I say, what????

Obviously his statement is pretty much offensive to every women except the .5% whose thighs don’t touch. Chip Wilson is allowed to have an opinion. His opinions should probably be kept to himself in order to not damage the Lululemon brand, but if he wants to shout them from the rooftops…so be it. My real problem with his statement is he is not taking responsibility for his product. Lululemon has been around years before the see through pant debacle so clearly they were making the pants differently. Take responsibility for your product. If you have the balls to charge women 100 dollars for yoga pants, they better be high quality and you know it. It is such a cop out to blame the pants on the person wearing them.

In a way, this PR nightmare is sort of a good thing for me. It forces me to rethink shopping there and spend my $100 elsewhere. Think of how many yoga pants I could buy at Target for 100 bucks!!

Mr. Colbert is my favorite.

What are your thoughts on this ordeal? Do you shop at Lululemon? By the way, I wouldn’t consider myself a regular shopper. I really only shop there when I have gift-cards because the place is ridiculously expensive. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much stretchy black pants and tank tops cost there. Ugh.


2 comments to Lululemon.

  • I love the product, but don’t agree with the way they do business. I worked for lululemon for awhile and felt like they only hired tiny girls so they could be on display wearing their clothes. I loved my coworkers and their passion for yoga, but I think they need to work the organizations culture and values.

  • Makes me happy I have never purchased anything from that store! I think the whole obsession with “thigh gap” is ridiculous and now this jack ass just made it worse! Disgusting.

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