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Winter is Here!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…it is December after all. I’m still not ready for winter though..I miss my flip flops.

We have been pounded with snow today: at least a foot. Brooke’s caretaker came over and her car got stuck in our driveway. I was supposed to be at work this morning at 8:45 and needless to say, I’m sitting at my computer at home.

I had a super fun morning shoveling snow. You want a good workout? Find some snow and shovel it! Wow. It’s like, 5 degrees outside and I was sweating.



So, you’re looking at my driveway. It’s nonexistent. There’s also a road out there…apparently it was plowed at some point?



The start of my snow shoveling morning.



One of my lovely neighbors helped me with a real snow plow or this would have taken me all day!



Brooke was halfway reader for snow…only on the upper part of her body.  🙂


So, I mentioned earlier that I had a new job. I will be a ski instructor at Vail this winter for 3-6 year olds! Glorified babysitting? Maybe. Free ski pass? Yep! 🙂

vailBeautiful Vail.

I didn’t drive to work this morning because Vail is a solid 40 minutes from where I live and buckets of snow + driving = disaster. I am going to try to go in this afternoon though….I guess.

It’s been fun so far although strange leaving Brooke behind. I miss her a lot and feel guilty knowing that someone else is spending the day with her…not me. That aspect of it is tough but I think it’ll be fun for both of us and it’s just seasonal so it’s certainly not a lifelong commitment.


How’s the weather where you live? Any tips on driving in snow? Any working mommies out there?


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