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Gym HIIT Workout

Thank you for the nice comments about our new addition! Mondays the big day…boy or girl? 🙂


So, the picture associated with this workout suggests that it uses Kettlebells-it does not. Sorry, false advertising. I’m still new to using Pic Monkey to edit photos and I needed a picture, so I took one of our Kettlebells. They’re lovely aren’t they? Anyway, the workout does use a bosu ball, medicine ball, and a dumbbell.


Sorry, the green color looks a little bright at least on my computer. Here is a breakdown of each move:


*Perform each move for 1 minute, 2-3 times*

Up and Over’s with Bosu and Medicine Ball- place the bosu ball on the ground, blue side up. Start with right foot on bosu and left on the ground holding the medicine ball in your hands. Bring the medicine ball overhead, then jump up and over the bosu so you switch feet-now the left foot is on the bosu and right on the ground. When you land, squat down bringing the medicine ball down towards the ground, then back up overhead when you hop up and over again. So, you’re going back and forth squatting down and also bringing the medicine ball overhead and back down. Hopefully this one makes sense, it’s a little hard to explain. Let me know if it doesn’t, I will try to take a video.

Bosu Ball Tucks- Flip the bosu over and place hands on top so you’re in a plank position (blue side facing down). From there, tuck knees in towards your chest, then back out into plank. So, it’s like the beginning of a burpee, just not the whole thing (just the knee tuck).

Burpee with Side Jumps over Bosu- Place the bosu on the ground however you want (you’re not really using it in this exercise). Start on one side of the bosu, perform a burpee with pushup, then side jump over the bosu to the other side. Perform another burpee.

Ninja Jumps- These can be a little tricky. If you’re not comfortable with these, do squat jumps instead. Start on your shins on the ground.  From there, use momentum from swinging your arms and jump up landing in a squat, then come back down to starting position.

Deep Goblet Squats- Ooooo let it burn!! Grab your dumbbell and hold it between both hands in front of your chest. Starting position is actually a squat so thighs are parallel to the ground. From there, squat lower-ass to the grass friends- then back up to squat position. So, yes, you are in a squat of some kind the entire time. Ouch.

V-Ups with Medicine Ball- Grab your medicine ball and lay on the ground legs extended out in front of you and arms overhead (holding med. ball). Crunch up, bringing legs up and your arms overhead to meet your legs so you look like a V, then back down to start. Try to keep legs straight if you can.


I love the bosu ball!! There are a million things you can do with it and they’re always challenging. It’s an awesome way to create some instability so you’re forced to use your core in order to balance.

Hope you guys like it! Let me know if you give it a whirl!


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