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How to Make Oat Flour

This is so ridiculously easy it’s not really a “how to” post…more of a short sentence.

So, oat flour is great because you can use it as a gluten free substitute while baking (that being said, sometimes oats can be cross contaminated and actually have gluten. In general, whole rolled oats should be gluten free).  It also has a decent amount of fiber and is not a highly processed food.

I’ve only used oat flour in one recipe: Jamie Eason’s pumpkin protein bars. I’ve made them numerous times and they’re a pretty good homemade protein bar.

I researched oat flour a bit more though and it turns out, you can use it as a 1:1 substitute for all purpose flour. For example, if this recipe called for two cups of all purpose flour, I could use two cups of oat flour.


You can buy oat flour if you’d like (that might be a simpler option if you 100% need it to be gluten free), but you can also make it. If you have whole rolled oats in your pantry, then you can make it! All you do is grind the oats up in either a blender, food processor, or even a Magic Bullet (<– what I do because I’m too lazy to clean a blender or food processor).

It’s so easy, that’s it! You have your oat flour. You could probably grind up a ton of it at once and freeze it so it keeps longer. I just grind up the amount I need when I need it.

I made those pumpkin protein bars again yesterday and they came out yummy as ever!



I’m sure you get a finer grind if you use the food processor but I don’t really mind a whole oat or two in my pumpkin bars.

Oat flour

Oat flour



Mixing my Vanilla protein powder. I found this brand at Walmart and I am not a huge fan so I use a little less than the recipe calls for.







What I do with the protein bars is portion them out. I wrap 2-3 in Saran Wrap, freeze them, then take them out one pack at a time so I don’t eat a million in one day. If you’re like me and lack self control, I highly recommend doing that!


Oat flour success!!

One of these days I’ll have to give it a whirl in another recipe and see how it does. I’ve read that it comes out pretty well. There are so many different flours and they all create different outcomes so we will!!



Have you tried oat flour? Any suggestions on how to use it? Any good homemade protein bar recipes?


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