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Mommy Guilt

Is it me, or does it seem like women are ridden with guilt all their lives? Or at least their adult lives? Most women want to have some sort of career or professional/personal life, but also want to have children at some point (most women…not all, and that’s cool). The problem they face of course is feeling guilty if they go back to work OR feeling guilty for not working. It’s almost a lose-lose situation.

I constantly feel crappy about the lack or career. I love my children but it would be nice to have some sort of personal life beyond them (no offense Brooke or Willow). On the other hand, I realize I should thank my lucky stars that I can stay home with my kids because a lot of mothers can’t. Ughhh..the grass is always greener right?

Anyway, this post is mostly about the lack of attention my two year old is getting these days. I find myself turning on the TV more for her because I am feeding the new baby or trying to make dinner or just don’t feel like dealing with her.  I HATE seeing her stare at the TV. I feel like such a shitty mom. I just don’t know what else to do sometimes.

Brooke’s also started to get a little aggressive with the new baby. I think it’s to get attention from me because she will swat at or towards Willow then look right at me. I try to distract her typically with one of her toys instead of just saying “no” (because that doesn’t work), but sometimes I get so upset with her.

I’m thinking about putting Brooke in a daycare once a week. Not so much for my sanity, but mostly so she can act like a toddler and not have me either telling her “no” or giving attention to the baby. It must be hard on her to have this sudden change. I know it’s hard on me!

Any tips on handling a toddler with a newborn in the house are much appreciated!


(Hopefully this post makes sense I wrote it in like, 5 minutes because Brooke’s being a two year old 🙂 ).


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  • Brenna

    Yes! I feel the same way. Be easy on yourself! It’s hard and you’re doing a lot! Watching a tv is probably better for the kid than having a crazy mom who never gets a break.

    Keep doing what you’re doing! I like your blog!

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