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5 Weeks Post Partum

5 weeks! I want to say it has flown by, it also kind of feels like we’ve had Willow around for years. Maybe that’s the no sleep talkin’.

Anyway everyone is doing well! I wanted to update you on my post partum bod. I started to workout a little which has been nice. It can be a bit frustrating at times because it literally feels like starting from square 1, but ya gotta start somewhere right?



Typically, most doctors recommend waiting about 6 weeks until you dive back into a workout routine. That recommended waiting time is a bit of a generalization because it kind of depends on your own personal healing time and what you consider working out to be. So, basically, you want to check with your doctor first. Of course, I haven’t checked with mine, so maybe don’t listen to me :).

My “workouts” have been fairly light though. I haven’t ran or been doing any high intensity training, mostly just lifting some weights and walking. That alone has made me sore! I try to remind myself that the strength and muscle will come so just be patient. The more important thing for me is working on the diet.


When I say “diet” I’m not on a traditional diet by any means, I mostly mean eating whole foods and trying to get off the sugar addiction. Honestly, so far things are going pretty good. I started using the My Fitness Pal app again (awesome app! tracks your food and exercise) to really see what I’m eating and that really does help. It can be a little tedious but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad.


Kale smoothie! Kale, milk, protein powder, and banana

Kale smoothie! Kale, milk, protein powder, and banana

I’m really trying to use the app strictly to see what I’m eating, not to necessarily consume less calories. I’m breastfeeding so I do need to make sure and eat enough calories. It’s kind of hard to find that perfect number where you can produce enough milk, but also lose some of the extra weight from pregnancy. I’ll let you know when I find it!

I’ve noticed several articles too on exercising and its’ affects on breastfeeding. Apparently there was an article published in 1992 claiming a mother’s milk was higher in lactic acid after exercising and that babies did not respond well to the taste. From what I’ve read, that generally doesn’t seem to be a problem. In my experience too, it hasn’t been. The bigger problem I find with breastfeeding and exercising is that my boobs are enormous and it’s hard to run or jump :). Two sports bras may be in my future.

Post Baby Body Update

Not much to update here really. I weight about the same, give or take a pound. I thought I’d lose more weight but I think I’m being a little impatient.

5 weeks post partum

5 weeks post partum


I despise posting these pictures. I feel so awkward but it’s a great way to measure progress!


Happy Labor Day!! I hope you’re all enjoying your time off!

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