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20 Minute Tabata

Hi guys! I have a great workout for you today. I did this workout last week and it was enough for me. I’m tellin’ you, Tabata workouts are killer.

I did two different Tabata workouts: one on the treadmill and one lower body focused.



1st Round:

-Box jumps- So, 20 seconds of box jumps followed by 10 sec. rest 8x through. You can jump on anything: box, bench, etc. If you’re in a gym, try to find a box higher than a workout bench just to be sure you’re pushing yourself.

– Squats on bosu. Perform on the black side of the bosu ball. You can use weights if you’d like.

– Bench hop overs- ugh these. Stand on one side of a workout bench and place hands on bench. From there, hop up and over to the other side. Repeat.

– Crunches on bosu- Lay down on top of the blue side of the bosu ball. From there, perform a crunch. It’ll hurt I promise. 🙂


2nd Round:

So, this treadmill workout should technically take 4 minutes. If you take longer though, don’t worry about it. Do your best!

I ran between 5.5 and 6.0 the entire time, just changed the incline. So, your first round will be 20 seconds run at 5.5 speed and 7.0 incline. Then you can come back down to 1.5 or 2 incline for your rest of 10 sec. Next 20 sec will be at 7.5, etc.

Hopefully this makes sense! I always worry Tabata workouts don’t make sense. Just let me know if you have questions!


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