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Cardio Shoulder Scorcher

Scary name huh? I thought we needed a little drama in our lives. This workout is awesome. It really is a shoulder scorcher so heads up! There’s also 30 minutes of cardio but it’s broken up into ten minute segments. I like to break up the pain. 🙂




I did 2 treadmill runs and 1 ten minute segment on stairs. Do whatever cardio you’d like! Here’s more information on the exercises:

Chair pose with shoulder press– chair pose is a classic yoga pose. You basically sit down in a narrow squat like you were going to sit in a chair and hold that position. Grab a pair of light dumbbells and perform shoulder presses while in chair pose.

Front raise overhead– light weights here too! Start standing with arms down in front of you holding dumbbells. From there, raise them straight out in front of you, to shoulder height, all the way up overhead, then back down again.  I think these are really hard!

Bosu ball plank walks– flip the bosu so blue side is up. Start in a plank position with hands on bosu. From there, drop down to one elbow, then the other, then back up to one hand, then the next. Repeat.

Bosu ball burpee- this is a class burpee except your holding on to the bosu ball the whole time! Black part is facing you so when you hit the ground, the blue parts on the floor.

Isometric scaptionhere is a link explaining this further. Switch arms at 30 seconds.

Plank with front raise– grab some light weight. Start in a straight arm plank position. Stay in plank and perform a front raise one arm at a time alternating for 1 minute.

I went through this this one time and that was plenty for me! Let me know if you have any questions! (Sorry for misspellings,etc. I did this on my iPad and it was pretty rough).

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