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Lower Body (low impact) Workout

I’ve walked by the row machine about a billion times in my life. Generally shrugging it off like it was mostly geared towards older people or “beginners” (because I’m so advanced?). This goes to show how naive I am.

My interest in it began to pique when I noticed Crossfitters using the machine. We all know Crossfitters are hard core, so there must be something to it?

I generally love me some high impact workouts-running, HIIT workouts- you name it, I like it. I choose higher impact workouts because they’re highly effective.  They raise your heart rate, therefore burning cals.

Well, lately I’ve been experiencing sore ankles which I think is the result of old shoes and probably too much jumping around. So, I finally decided to give the row machine a try.

I strutted into the gym the other day like I owned the place with the intention of rowing for 30 minutes straight. After about 7 minutes, my plans changed.

I ultimately decided on 20 minutes of row machine broken up into two ten minute workouts with lunge walks in between. Are you lookin’ for some butt burnage? This outta do it.

Row Machine Workout

Row Machine Workout

Here is some information on how to use the row machine:

Set the resistance. This is found on the wheel part of the machine. I read that experienced rowers usually have the resistance between 3-5 so I’m not sure if something was wrong with mine or if it was just different because mine was around 20. So, fiddle with your rower to find a good resistance for you. You want it to be challenging, but not so challenging you can’t finish rowing for 10 minutes.

Aim for around 20 strokes per minute. There will be a little display on the top or side of the row machine telling you your SPM number.

Secure your feet. You don’t want your feet slippin’ around while you’re rowing!

-Bend your knees and grab the row bar with arms straight. From there, power off or “drive off” your feet so your legs are basically straight (slight bend) then pull the bar towards your chest. This should all be a fluid motion.


Give it a try! It is for sure a cardio workout but also legs and core. Like I said, my buns were burning!  Let me know what you think!


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