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Meal Prep Monday: Freezer Burritos

Oooo I’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen lately. It’s funny how a day of cooking can make you feel so productive!

I’ve been trying to save money and time by dedicating a full day to cooking meals.  I prep some food for the following week and keep it in the fridge, but also make full meals and freeze them. This past Saturday was my second time prepping meals. The first time around, we had enough food for about a week and half (not including produce and other perishable items like yogurt).

It does take me a day so I’ve been choosing a weekend day usually Sat. or Sunday. This past weekend Saturday was fine with me since we were being pounded by snow (Seriously??? Too soon!).


Anyway, one of the meals I’ve been making are freezer friendly burritos. These are great especially for quick lunches. Yesterday,  I made 12 burritos! I keep them stored in the freezer. Whenever someone wants one, we just take one or two out, pop in the microwave, and lunch is served!! Here’s what you need for burritos:

Freezer Friendly Burritos

  • zip lock freezer bags (gallon)
  • wax paper
  • foil
  • 1-2 pounds of ground meat (I used 2 pounds for 12 burritos. We used elk meat)
  • flour tortillas – can be white or wheat.
  • whatever fillings you want!! I used black beans and green chili. I also seasoned with taco seasoning. You could add rice, salsa, Rotel, etc.


I use these tortillas from Costco that you have to cook on a skillet before using. It requires a little more work, but they are amazing. Regular, store bought tortillas just can’t compare anymore.


First, I cooked the meat, beans, and green chili together. Next, I filled each burrito with a little filling and folded them up. Can I just say, I don’t know how Chipotle and Q’doba professionals fold those monster burritos. They are skilled. Seriously. I can barely fold a tiny little homemade burrito. I don’t get it.

Next, I wrap each burrito in wax paper, then in foil and pinch the ends. I save the foil pieces and sometimes wax paper pieces and re-use them the next time I make burritos.


Once every burrito is wrapped, I place in a zip lock freezer bag, label, and freeze!! It’s really easy and just so nice to have something readily available to eat.


12 burritos!

12 burritos!

I added my freezer burritos to the rest of my freezer goodies. I’ll post on those later!



Do you prep food for the week? Any freezer friendly recipe recommendations? 

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