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November Home Workout

Hi ya’ll!! It has been way too long since my last post, but we won’t dwell on that. Everything is good on my end!!

My post partum bod is coming along (I’ll do an update soon) thanks to many workouts and cleaning up my diet (at least on most days). I do belong to a gym, but we live pretty far from it so I only stop in once or maybe twice a week. That means most of my workouts these days have been at home. Some days I do an old Jillian Michael’s DVD or find a workout on a blog, but other days I make up my own either involving just body weight or kettlebells (we have three laying around, yay!).

This particular workout is bodyweight only so you can do it anywhere-no excuses!! Bodyweight workouts are great to have in the back of your mind for those times you either can’t get to the gym or you’re away from home with no equipment. I swear bodyweight workouts are just as hard as workouts involving weights.

Without further ado, here’s a quick workout for your viewing pleasure:

Home workout

Home workout

So, a typical tabata workout means 8 rounds:  20 seconds of “work” then 10 seconds of rest per exercise. The per exercise part used to get me. So, in this case, you would go through and do 20 seconds of pushups (followed by the rest of 10) 8 times in a row, then move onto squat jumps. It gets pretty brutal around the 4-5th round.

The first few moves you are probably familiar with, but here is a breakdown of the last couple:

Dips- Tricep dips. I did these on the edge of our fire place but you can perform these on a chair or bench.


Skater Jumps


These are great! Start on one foot (let’s say your right). Jump off your right foot to the left landing on the left foot. Repeat back and forth.

Pike Push-Up- Start in the downward dog position. From there, perform a pushup. The emphasis is more on your shoulders in this exercise compared to a traditional push-up which is all chest.

Plank with Leg Lifts- Start in high plank position (hands on floor). Lift your right leg off the ground, then your left. Alternate back and forth.


It’ll burn baby!! Let me know if you try it!

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