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Quick Full Body Burner

Well, the snow has started! It actually started like, two weeks ago, but its been coming down nonstop for a few days now. Is it seriously only November? Boo.

We had a good weekend anyway! When the sun came out, we got out for some walks. I did a few home workouts which have yet to get old-good thing because winters just starting! My two year old also recently discovered you can eat snow so walks are pretty exciting.

It’s Thanksgiving week! I can’t believe it’s already here…mostly because that means Christmas will be here before we know it! Then 2015.. What?? I was watching Friends over the weekend, by the way, and the episode aired 20 years ago…can you believe that? Slow down time!

Selfie with the babe!

Selfie with the babe!

Anyway, ┬áif you’re snowed in (like me) or traveling this week, here’s a workout you can do anywhere- no gym required! Traveling is tough sometimes since you’re out of your element. Typically, you don’t have access to a gym so home workouts are great to have in the back of your mind!



Doesn’t sound too bad, but the 5 rounds catches up to you!

Happy Monday everyone!

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