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Toddler Approved Smoothie Recipe

Toddlers are tricky little creatures. Some days they love vegetables, the next day they hate them. They’re hard to read.

However, my 2 year consistently loves smoothies. It’s literally 15 degrees outside and she still wants a smoothie. Sneaky me, I decided to put spinach in her smoothie…

toddler smoothie ingredients

toddler smoothie ingredients

I used to buy fresh spinach and would use that in smoothies, but I recently bought frozen instead. GREAT idea!! Fresh spinach is delicious, but it also goes bad relatively quickly. Frozen can also replace ice in your smoothie so it’s a win-win.

Here’s what I used for Brooke’s smoothie:

  • half a banana
  • handful frozen berries
  • handful frozen spinach
  • tbsp flax seed
  • half cup orange juice
  • splash of milk
hers and....hers

hers and….hers

The only changes I made to mine were no juice, a little more milk, and water.

sassy pants approves

sassy pants approves

Is that some serious attitude or what? She takes smoothie time very seriously.


Good stuff. I love when I can sneak spinach into smoothies. My favorite smoothie lately is a little less green and a little more chocolatey..


Here’s my favorite:

  • Chocolate protein powder
  • cinnamon
  • banana
  • cocoa powder
  • peanut butter
  • coffee¬†
  • milk, water, and ice

It’s delicious. Delicious I tell you.


FYI, that picture does not do it justice. Lucky you, you can also see my chicken thawing in the background!

Hurray for winter smoothies!! ¬†Polar Plunges can’t stop our smoothie making.

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