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12 Days of (Tabata) Christmas

I’m really looking forward to traveling for the holidays. We are headed to California so definitely can’t complain about that! No beach time but assuming no snow either so I’ll take it!

Visiting family and friends is always a good time. ¬†There is just so much to do and people to see, which is great! Finding the time to exercise though can be a challenge. It definitely is for me when we’re away from home and out of our element.

There are ways to do it though! Tabata workouts are especially great for traveling because they can be short, require no equipment, but still challenge you.

For the next week and a half, I will post some Tabata workout ideas which I hope you can use this holiday season!


Some are really short like todays (only 12 minutes). You can either do this or these workouts alone, or pair them up with strength training, running, skiing, whatever you’re up to! Here is today’s:


Squat jumps are probably self explanatory. Burpees probably are too….but a burpee with a tuck jump is a little different. You perform a regular burpee but when you come up, instead of jumping in the air, jump and tuck your knees in towards your chest. If this is too much, you can perform a regular burpee or instead add a push-up to work your chest.

Remember, a Tabata workout is 20 seconds of the exercise with a 10 second rest 8 times through. First, jump squats, then after 8 rounds move onto the burpees.

It’s quick but painful! You’ll love it :). Tuck jumps are awful so get excited.


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