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Avoiding (some) Temptation at Holiday Parties

I want to eat all the treats. ALL THE TREATS! I also want to continue losing baby weight. Why can’t I have both? Sad for me.

Holiday parties are the best. You get to dress up a little fancier than usual, sip on pretty drinks, taste tons of different delicious foods, and if you’re lucky, take a gift home. It’s an indulgent time, which is definitely part of the fun!

Most years, I walk into a party and immediately grab a drink (you know you do it too) and often times, head over to the food table. Depending on how many people I know, I sometimes start to mindlessly eat. Typically the less people I know, the more I snack.

I went to a party Saturday night and really tried to be aware of how I approached drinks and food. I made a plan before going: I would stick to higher protein foods, stay away from sweets, and have one drink.  My night was actually a success I’m sort of shocked!

If you’re anything like me, meaning you want to partake in holiday fun but also keep the temptations in check, here are a couple ways to approach party time:


Eat something before you go– It’s like walking into a grocery store starving except this time, you don’t have a massive bill when you leave. Walking into a party starving is just asking for a food (and possibly alcohol) hangover later. If you’re not hungry, you’re less likely to overindulge.

Grab a small plate-  Put what you’d like to eat on your plate, then walk away. Soooooo many times I realize I’ve been standing next to the food and eaten like, a block of cheese and 12 cookies. Oops. Loading your plate up will help you choose wisely and limit the amount of food you eat.

Load up on protein– So you have your plate, next move is to add some protein: shrimp cocktail, maybe a little cheese, etc.

Load up on veggies/fruit too-  Can’t go wrong with a plate full of veggies!

Skip dessert….initially–  Think about eating your “main course” first before adding desserts to your plate. Once you’ve settled into the party and had a little food,  dessert may not seem like such a necessity. Of course, it’s the holidays so don’t feel bad about treating yourself.  If you want to limit your sugar intake though, it will be easier to do so after eating some real food.

Overall, try to be mindful– This has always been my problem: mindlessly eating. Thinking about my choices really helped me say no to foods I otherwise would have said yes to.  I’m pretty proud of myself to exhibiting some self control. It may sound kind of pathetic  to some that this is a struggle of mine, but it is what it is.


I have a couple more holiday parties and of course, Christmas, so I don’t feel like I missed out on anything by limiting treats this past weekend. The reality is, I absolutely did not miss out. I’m at the party with friends and family and that’s all that matters. Cookies are delicious….and they will always be delicious whether eaten yesterday or two weeks from now so no worries!


Do you worry about treats at holiday parties or say, f it, ‘it’s the season?


*These are my opinions. I am personally till trying to lose some baby weight so cutting back on sugary/fatty foods is essential to achieve that goal.  Maybe you’re trying to maintain weight or even gain weight- everyone is different! This post is not meant to shame anyone if they indulge in holiday teats.  Enjoy your holiday season however you’d like!*

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